Pistol Holsters for Concealed Carry

At CrossBreed Holsters, we offer the safest and most reliable pistol holsters on the market. Our comfortable IWB and OWB holsters are designed and produced to fit comfortably on your body without feeling overly bulky or put too much pressure on your body. If on your body isn’t your style, we offer Pac Mat or purse holsters to keep your firearm close to you without being on you. Shop our collection of gun holsters today! For more information on these products or our company, we invite you to our expert live chat to get any questions you have answered quickly and confidently.

  • Top Seller
    SuperTuck® IWB Holster SuperTuck® IWB Holster
    • 3,571 Reviews
    From: 77.95
  • The Reckoning Holster The Reckoning Holster
    • 1,493 Reviews
    From: 76.95
  • Top Seller
    MiniTuck® IWB Holster MiniTuck® IWB Holster
    • 1,411 Reviews
    From: 74.95
  • Top Seller
    SnapSlide OWB Holster SnapSlide OWB Holster
    • 1,040 Reviews
    From: 54.95
  • Top Seller
    Modular Belly Band Package 2.0 Modular Belly Band Package 2.0
    • 952 Reviews
    From: 74.95
  • Top Seller
    Freedom Carry IWB Holster Freedom Carry IWB Holster
    • 755 Reviews
    From: 69.95
  • Custom Reckoning Holster Custom Reckoning Holster
    • 15 Reviews
    From: 86.95
  • DropSlide OWB Holster DropSlide OWB Holster
    • 707 Reviews
    From: 57.95
  • The Reckoning System The Reckoning System
    • 507 Reviews
    From: 96.95
  • Pac Mat Holster Only Modular Holster
    • 158 Reviews
    From: 44.95
  • Rogue System Rogue System
    • 94 Reviews
    From: 99.95
  • Xecutive Holster by N8 Tactical Xecutive Holster by N8 Tactical
    • 82 Reviews
    From: 39.95
  • Rogue Holster Rogue Holster
    • 29 Reviews
    From: 79.95
  • Custom Xecutive Holster Custom Xecutive Holster
    • 9 Reviews
    From: 54.95
  • Custom Supertuck® IWB Holster Custom Supertuck® IWB Holster
    • 5 Reviews
    From: 87.95
  • Custom Rogue Holster Custom Rogue Holster
    • 4 Reviews
    From: 94.95
  • FLEX Concealment Band By N8 Tactical FLEX Concealment Band By N8 Tactical
    • 3 Reviews
    From: 34.95
  • Custom Modular Holster Custom Modular Holster
    • 1 Reviews
    From: 54.95
  • Custom MiniTuck® IWB Holster Custom MiniTuck® IWB Holster
    • 1 Reviews
    From: 84.95
  • Custom Reckoning Pocket Only Custom Reckoning Pocket Only
    • 1 Reviews
    From: 24.95
What Our Customers Are Saying
  • It stays in place and never pulls loose when removing my pistol.

    I love the look and fit of my new holster. It stays in place and never pulls loose when removing my pistol. Quality workmanship, and made in my home state. I will continue to buy from Crossbreed holsters in the future.

    Tim O.
  • Great product built from quality materials.

    Great product built from quality materials. Holsters have enough tension to keep fire arm in place yet allow ease to remove quickly. Easy to adjust to the proper fit. Super comfortable even on a big man of 280 pounds. Easy access to my pistol and an extra magazine that no longer takes up space in my pocket. Simple to put on and wear with any outfit weather it be office or casual. This is the second holsters I have purchased from Crossbreed, NO complaints. Thank you to all at Crossbreed for making the best quality holsters on the market.

    Kenneth J.
  • Very versatile and comfortable.

    I bought the freedom carry IWB holster for my Ruger SR9. I was looking for a highly concealable holster for a full-size handgun, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could conceal my handgun wearing common summer clothes. Very versatile and comfortable as well. Highly recommend not just compact firearms but many full-size pistols as well.

    Willard S.
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