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CrossBreed Holsters and N8 Tactical are excited to announce the launch of the special edition line of holsters for the ROSE by SIG SAUER™ family of pistols. These exclusive holsters were designed in conjunction with World Class shooter Lena Miculek to be the culmination of performance and style. Drawing from Lena’s countless years of experience in professional shooting and her passion for teaching preparedness to other women, these holsters personify what today’s female concealed carrier desires

ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Modular Holster

The ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Modular Holster is perfect for those who love multi-use capability. It can easily be attached, positioned and re-positioned to any platform equipped with hook & loop.

ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Xecutive Holster

The ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Xecutive Holster comes standard with the UltiClip3 clip and ModWing, delivering the best in comfort and concealability. Designed for IWB use and appendix style carry.

"As someone who values both functionality and style, we are excited to have created a line that reflects both of those qualities"

-Lena Miculek


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