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Modular Holster System

At CrossBreed Holsters, we understand how important it is to have the right modular holster systems to fit you and your style perfectly. All our modular holster systems are engineered and designed to ensure the greatest quality, safety, and reliability to our customers. One of our modular holsters—our last-ditch holster—is a tactical holster that was designed as a backup holster for law-enforcement in emergencies when their original gun is unusable. We strive to always keep our customers as safe as possible. Shop our collection today and contact our expert live chat with any questions about our company or any of our products.

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High-Quality Modular Holsters From CrossBreed

Looking for a versatile, rugged holster? Try high-quality modular holsters from CrossBreed Holsters. Our modular holsters are designed to be adaptable to meet the needs of a wide range of gun owners.

Over the past two decades, we have earned a reputation as producing the safest, most reliable pistol holsters on the market — and you can trust that reputation. Whether you need IWB holsters or OWB holsters, shop our selection of modular holsters and find one that works for you and your gun.

Discover the Versatility of CrossBreed's Modular Holster Systems

A modular holster system allows the user to easily switch between different mounting options depending on the situation to accommodate varying firearms and/or carry needs. The system is made up of two parts: a holster base, which can differ in type, and a firearms-specific Kydex pocket. The holster base is designed to be carried on or off the body. The Kydex pocket, on the other hand, is designed to fit the the users firearm model of choice, such as Glock 19 or Sig Sauer P365, and attach to the base.

The two parts of the holster are interchangeable, which means that the user can swap out the Kydex pocket to fit different firearms while still using the same holster base. This makes modular holsters a great option for gun owners who own multiple firearms or who frequently switch between different firearms for different purposes.

Trust CrossBreed for the Right Modular Holsters

CrossBreed understands the importance of finding the right holster for your firearm and your unique needs. That's why we design and manufacture modular holster systems to fit every gun owner's wants and needs.

We offer several different types of modular holsters including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Holsters

What Types of Holsters Are Available With the Modular Belly Band System?

We offer one versatile, multi-use Modular Holster that’s designed to fit your specific firearm. It comes equipped with a Velcro backing that attaches easily to the Belly Band in a position that’s most suitable for your carrying needs.

Can the Modular Belly Band System Be Adjusted for Different Waist Sizes?

Yes, the Modular Belly Band System is adjustable to fit waist sizes ranging from 30 to 56 inches. The band can be adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit, and the Modular Holster can be positioned anywhere along the band to accommodate different carrying positions.

What Types of Firearms Can Be Used With the Modular Belly Band System?

The Modular Belly Band System is designed to fit a wide range of firearms, from subcompacts to full-size handguns. The Modular Holster from CrossBreed will accommodate the most popular firearms from brands like Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory.

Shop CrossBreed Modular Holsters Today

When you need a high-quality modular holster, you need CrossBreed Holsters. Shop our online store and find the perfect modular holster and more today.

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