Pac Mat Holster

The Pac Mat holster from CrossBreed Holsters is the perfect way for you to store your concealed carry when you are on the go. You can keep it safely stored and protected in your backpack, your briefcase, and more! It is very important to have your firearm safely secured in travel, as it needs a protective barrier in case of any drops or other accidents so you can keep your firearm safe from damage. Whether you need the mini Pac Mat or full-sized one, we’ve got you covered! For more information on our Pac Mat Holster or any other product, contact us now through our live chat—we will be happy to help you!

Pac Mat
From: $54.95
Mini Pac Mat
From: $51.95
Modular Holster
From: $44.95
A.R.M.S. Holster
From: $34.95
Custom Modular Holster
From: $54.95
Modular Magazine Carrier
From: $32.75

Off-Body Carry Holsters: Versatile Concealed Carry Options

If you prioritize flexibility and security in your concealed carry options, the off-body carry holster series by CrossBreed Holsters stands out as a prime choice. The Pac Mat, with its seamless integration into everyday items such as backpacks and briefcases, redefines convenience without compromising safety.

Whether you're a right- or left-hand draw, the customizable features of the Pac Mat cater to your unique needs, making it a versatile companion for any lifestyle. Its discreet design ensures that you're prepared, no matter where life takes you, providing peace of mind with every carry. Explore the full range of options and find your perfect fit with our Pac Mat selection, where adaptability meets security.

Customize Your Off-Body Carry Holster

Whether you prefer leather for its classic appeal or Kydex for its modern durability, the choice for off-body concealed carry is yours. Pac Mat holsters from CrossBreed Holsters off a variety of options, allowing you to find a holster that works best for you.

Some of the options are:

  • Right- or left-hand draw options
  • Leather and Kydex color choices
  • Velcro soft loop panel for added security
  • Magazine carriers
  • Modular components for a tailored fit
  • Discreet design for seamless integration into daily items

How to Care for Your Off Body Carry Holster

If you prefer leather for your off body carry holster, this video shares some helpful tips for taking care of the premium leather used in our CrossBreed holsters.

FAQ About Pac Mat Holsters

What Makes the Pac Mat Different From Other Concealed Carry Options?

The Pac Mat sets itself apart by offering unparalleled discretion and accessibility. It is designed to integrate effortlessly with daily items such as backpacks and briefcases, making it an excellent choice for those seeking off-body carry solutions that don't compromise on readiness or style.

Is the Pac Mat Comfortable for All-Day Carry?

Indeed, the Pac Mat is designed for comfort and ease, allowing for all-day carry without the bulk. Its slim profile and lightweight construction ensure that you can carry your firearm off body in various settings without sacrificing comfort or discretion.

How Does the Pac Mat Enhance Firearm Security?

The Pac Mat enhances firearm security through its secure design and customizable fit. By ensuring that your firearm remains snug and immobile within its carrier, this off-body carry holster minimizes the risk of accidental displacement or unauthorized access, making it a trustworthy choice for off-body concealed carry.

Choose CrossBreed's Pac Mat for Off-Body Carry

Choosing CrossBreed's Pac Mat for your off-body carry holster needs means choosing a legacy of excellence. We pride ourselves on crafting holsters that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle, providing both security and accessibility. Our focus on customization ensures that every carrier finds their perfect fit, tailored to their preferences and requirements.

CrossBreed's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every Pac Mat crafted, making us the go-to brand for discerning concealed carriers. For a closer look at our offerings, browse our site or reach out via our Contact Us page. Experience the CrossBreed difference today.