Gun Belts

At CrossBreed holsters, we provide our customers with expertly crafted gun belts to accompany the proper holster. Our belts come in leather and nylon depending on your preferred material. Additionally, we offer classic buckles or bigger western buckles to fit your style. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday belt or a belt for a black-tie event, we’ve got you covered. Shop our collection of gun belts today and pick out the right option for you! For more information, we invite you to message our live chat and a representative will be happy to provide you with a quick and reliable response!

Classic Gun Belt
From: $48.71 $64.95
Executive Gun Belt
From: $59.96 $79.95
Crossover Gun Belt
From: $67.46 $89.95
N8 BioFlex Belt
From: $22.46 $29.95
Western Gun Belt
From: $59.96 $79.95
Minimalist Nylon Belt
From: $14.96 $19.95
Gun Belt Buckle Only
From: $6.71 $8.95
Western Belt Buckle Only
From: $14.96 $19.95
Executive Belt Buckle Only
From: $14.96 $19.95
Crossover Belt Buckle Only
From: $26.21 $34.95

Secure, Comfortable Gun Belts From CrossBreed

When it comes to carrying a firearm, having a reliable and sturdy gun belt is just as important as having a good holster. That's where CrossBreed Holsters comes in with our line of gun belts designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for a variety of firearm models.

Rugged Concealed Carry Belts You Can Count On

One of the key features of our concealed carry belts is their strength and durability. Made from high-quality materials, these gun belts are designed to withstand the weight and pressure of carrying a firearm without sagging or losing their shape over time. This means that you can rely on them to securely hold your firearm in place without worrying about it shifting or bouncing around as you move.

Find the Comfort and Security You Require With CrossBreed Gun Belts

Your concealed carry holster should be comfortable and stay hidden. With gun belts from CrossBreed, you can count on your firearm to remain concealed and accessible when you need it. Our gun belts are known for their versatility – many are designed to be used with a variety of holster types. Whether you prefer IWB holsters or OWB holsters, our gun belts are designed to comfortably and securely carry your firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Belts

What Materials Are CrossBreed Gun Belts Made Of?

CrossBreed gun belts are made from high-quality leather and nylon. The leather gun belts are made from cowhide or horsehide, and are available in a variety of finishes and colors. The nylon belts are made from rugged, military-grade nylon webbing, and come in different widths and colors.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Gun Belt?

Choosing the right size gun belt is important for a proper fit and optimal support. To determine your belt size, measure your waist at the point where you'll be wearing the belt, and then add a few inches to allow for the thickness of your holster and any other everyday carry (EDC) items. CrossBreed gun belts come in a variety of lengths, so be sure to choose the one that's closest to your measurement.

Can I Wear a CrossBreed Gun Belt for Everyday Use?

Yes, absolutely! While CrossBreed gun belts are designed for use with firearms and other EDC items, they are also great for everyday use. The belts are stylish and comfortable, and can be worn with jeans, khakis or other casual pants. Some models are even dressy enough to wear with dress pants or suits.

How Do I Care for My CrossBreed Gun Belt?

Caring for your CrossBreed gun belt is easy. For leather gun belts, wipe them down with a damp cloth and apply a leather conditioner as needed to keep the leather supple and prevent cracking. Nylon belts can be hand-washed with mild soap and water, and air-dried. Avoid exposing your gun belt to extreme heat or moisture, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Carry In Comfort With Gun Belts From CrossBreed

If you're looking for comfortable, durable gun belts, CrossBreed Holsters has you

covered. Along with many varieties of gun belts and holsters, we also offer magazine holsters and many other holster accessories. And if you have an urgent need for a gun belt, we offer quick-ship options with some types of gun belts that ship within 48 hours. Shop our online store and discover the perfect gun belt for you today.

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