American Rifleman Explains how the Right Gun Belt Helps Concealed Carry

American Rifleman’s Joe Kurtenbach took the time to review CrossBreed’s Crossover Gun Belt and explain to viewers how choosing the right gun belt can enhance your concealed carry experience.



The best holster works better when supported by a solid belt designed specifically for carrying a firearm. The CrossBreed Crossover Belt is the perfect pairing of style and function featuring the best belt materials and exceptional buckle quality. The belt is custom made to your exact specifications using your choice of two leather colors, five stitching selections, and six buckle finishes.
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The slide buckle design means no holes are needed in the leather, which gives a large range of size adjustment. Handcrafted in America, our belts start with hides specifically tanned for our products. Once these hides are in house, they are cut into 1.5″ width belt strips and hand leveled to ensure an even thickness. Each strip is matched cross grain with a premium 7 oz leather liner using industrial adhesive. Each belt is then hand-beveled, hand burnished, hand edge dyed, and then recessed stitched with Fil-Tec premium nylon 277 thread. The belts are approximately ¼” thick, resulting in a strong belt with superior support for carry while still offering the flexibility for comfortable everyday wear.

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During the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, I had the opportunity to catch a portion of Jeff Gonzales’ lecture on the fundamentals of concealed carry. Jeff is a former Navy Seal and a nationally-recognized instructor currently leading his own training company, Trident Concepts.

One of the very first items Gonzales touched on was the importance of comfort as it relates to successful every day concealed carry. The line of thinking goes that if your concealed carry firearm is uncomfortable to wear, you are likely to fidget and adjust the rig a lot—thereby blowing your concealment—or, worse, you will choose not to carry at all.

The flip side is that a comfortable carry set up—from clothing choice to gun and holster—is more likely to be worn and will remain better concealed. READ MORE

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