SHOT Show 2018 was a fun time for me. Lots of new guns were announced that caught my eye. Weapons like the Tavor TS-12, the Archon Stryke B, and don’t even get started on the number of accessories I fell in love with. One gun that stood out to me was the SIG P365. When I first looked at the press release I was a bit in disbelief, so I made it a priority to check one out, and I was blown away. Fast forward to earlier this year, and I had one in hand. After several hundred rounds downrange I think its time I share my thoughts on the SIG P365.


SIG P365 Specs

Before we dive into the review lets, look at the specs that blew me away.

  • Width - 1 Inch
  • Length - 5.8 Inches
  • Barrel Length - 3.1 Inches
  • Height - 4.3 inches
  • Weight - 17.8 ounces unloaded
  • Caliber - 9mm
  • Capacity - 10+1

That’s right this is a close to pocket-sized 9mm that carries 10+1 rounds. When stacked against guns like the Walther PPS and Glock 43 it competes size wise but blows them away when it comes to capacity. SIG designed a magazine that allows for a super thin grip with a relatively large ammunition capacity.


In the Box

In the box, we have the gun, as well as two magazines. One magazine comes with a small pinky extension, and the other is a flush fitting gun. The gun also comes with manuals, a sticker and a some other SIG paperwork. SIG has a habit of tossing in a holster, and it seems the box is cut for one, but there is holster to be found.

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The SIG’s little gun is well designed for the most part. The magazine release is recessed and triangular and easy to reach. Because the grip is small, I do have to shift my thumb to activate it. Also due to the short grip, the magazine catches on my hand and rarely drops free. This is a standard issue with small guns with me due to my 2XL sized hands. I find the grip to be quite comfortable and the palm swell in the back is a nice touch. The trigger guard also has a lovely undercut that allows for that high grip.


With that said I could get a full grip on the gun. Only about a quarter of my pinky hangs off the weapon. I hate a hanging pinky like feeling in complete control of the weapon. The beavertail prevents any slide bite which I experienced quite a bit with the Glock 43.


Another issue with big hands and small guns is the slide lock. When I use a thumb forward grip, my thumb sits right on top of it so it rarely actually works.


SIG’s new X-Ray3 day and night sights took me by surprise. I know SIG Sauer initially had some issues with these sights, but the pair on my P365 is brilliant. The rear sight is blacked out and ridged to reduce glare but sports two rear tritium vials. The front sight is a high visibility day sight with a green ring. Inside the circle is a tritium vial that glows brightly when the lights get low. The sights are steel for a rigid structure.


On the Range

The grip and high undercut help with recoil mitigation. A proper stance and hand placement help as well. Touching off double taps is remarkably simple and keeping them both on target is even easier. With a standard 115 grain load I never felt any harsh hand slap, and even with modern defensive ammo I never felt any real pain or sharp recoil.


The trigger is very nice. It’s got a little take up, but a lovely break that’s light and crisp. The reset is short and provides you with both tactile and audible feedback. The trigger, combined with the sights, proved to make this an accurate and fun gun. I keep a steel popper at my range to see how far away I can get from a target and still make consistent hits. The popper is only 21 inches tall and about 10 inches wide at the top.


Backing off to 25 yards I went 10 for 10, and the same at 30 yards. At 35 yards I was able to hit 12 out of 15 shots and found this to be quite impressive for such a small gun. Backing out to 50 yards I even landed 5 out of 10, and I could barely see the target behind the big front sight.

The gun is enjoyable to shoot and also very easy to shoot accurately. I rarely enjoy shooting little firearms so much, but the SIG P365 check off the right boxes for me.


Throughout my testing, I ran a variety of ammunition through the gun. Ammo loads included steel, aluminum, and brass cased ammo. I didn't run into any malfunctions while firing the weapon. It ran like a champ with any ammo I put through. SIG is now adding the P365 ammo to their line up. This ammo carries the P365 namesake and is designed for small 9mms. I got ahold of both the FMJs and JHPs, and they functioned flawlessly through the gun.


I recently hit 350 rounds through this gun and have yet to experience any failures. The gun has been carried as a CCW as well as trained with extensively. The magazines have been dropped on concrete, clay, dirt, and sand have yet to have any issues with function magazine wise.

Sig P365 Holster, P365 IWB Holster, P365 OWB Holster, 365 IWB Holster, 365 OWB Holster

The New Concealed Carry Revolution

I’m impressed with SIG’s newest gun. I wonder if this will spawn a degree of copycats that will soon replace the single stack category with these quasi-double stack guns. SHOT Show 2019 will be very interesting if other significant companies jump on this trend.


The gun has been popular enough to spawn a massive amount of holsters for it in very little time. Of course, Crossbreed jumped on the opportunity to provide a few high quality concealed carry options for the P365. Aftermarket support is always a risk with a new gun, but it's nice to see the SIG P365 is well supported already.



At this point, the SIG P365 has entered my realm as my go-to EDC gun, and will likely stay in the rotation for a long time.


  1. Great Night/Day Sights
  2. Comfortable grip
  3. 10 Round capacity (12 round magazines also available.)
  4. Controllable, reliable, and accurate.


  1. Proprietary rail
  2. Expensive Magazines
  3. The slide lock is easy to deactivate while firing

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