Heavy Metal: Reviewing The Icarus Precision P365 Grip

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Once upon a time, Sig Sauer released the P250; a DAO handgun that featured an innovative chassis system that would allow you to swap gun sizes, calibers and had the potential to be highly customizable. While the P250 was a failure, it did spawn the P320 which was an immensely successful gun.

That same chassis system used in the P250 and P320 eventually made its way into the P365. The chassis system seemed to be a back seat in the gun’s design and wasn’t a main selling point. However, the aftermarket industry saw this gap and scrambled to bring a proper grip module for the Sig P365 to market. 

Enter a small company called Icarus Precision and the ACE up their sleeve. 

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Why would you want a metal grip? 

The P365 is a small, lightweight gun designed for concealed carry, so you may be wondering why anyone would want to add weight to it. Because it is an all-metal grip module, the Icarus Precision ACE grip does add some weight to the gun but it does much more than that. Icarus Precision wasn’t looking to simply produce a grip module, they designed it to improve the ergonomics of the P365’s grip.

ACE, according to the company, stands for Accuracy, Control, Enhanced.

Does it live up to its acronymic name? Let’s break it down!

More Than Just a Grip Module 

The added weight, while minimal, does help to reduce recoil and extends better control over the handgun. When holding the pistol grip modules side by side, you can feel the difference but it’s not major. 

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The Icarus Precision grips also offer two palm swells one on either side of the Grip Module. These do help fill my hand and I really like the feel of them in my grip. Icarus Precision makes a V2 model without them but I’m here to say I endorse them. Personally, I find them to be comfortable as well as to aid in keeping the little gun firmly planted in my hand. 

To the rear, it has an extended beavertail which is comfortable and creates a leverage point to control muzzle rise. This little improvement helps quite a bit on the range. The Icarus Precision ACE Grip Module has noticeably less recoil and muzzle rise than the stock P365. After the gun fires, the sights are seemingly already back on target and ready to go. 

Better grip, less recoil, faster target acquisition. So far, so good!

Practical and Tactical 

I noticed the biggest difference when firing +P ammo and firing rapidly. It’s much easier to stay on target while firing rapidly with the ACE. The increased recoil and snap of a +P defensive round is also tamed considerably by the metal grip module. 
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Think about what that means. Running through drills that focus on practical defensive shooting showed that the ACE offered a clear advantage. Putting two in the chest and one to the head with the ACE is much faster while retaining an excellent degree of accuracy. 

In the El Presidente drill, I was able to beat my best time of 8.5 seconds with a stock P365 on the first try with an 8.23 time. The iHack Drill has never been easier with a small gun.

What About Accuracy? 

A better grip on the gun and more controllability certainly help with practical accuracy. As far as shooting at longer ranges I didn’t notice a big difference between the guns. At 25 yards the gun didn’t shoot noticeably more accurate than the stock grip module. 

The Rail! 

I need to mention that the Icarus Precision ACE Module also uses a standard Picatinny rail that allows you to mount smaller lights and lasers. It’s just long enough to something like a Crimson Trace rail master or a Mini Olight. It’s a nice touch and to me, it’s better than the proprietary rail SIG uses. grip, SIG, SIG Sauer, SIG P365, P365, handgun, crossbreed holsters, hybrid holsters, best holster, best holsters, 365, concealed carry, pistol grip, pistol grips, best grip, icarus, iwb, owb, pistols

Is The Icarus Precision Grip For You? 

That’s hard to say. The Icarus Precision ACE Grip Module is somewhat expensive for sure, but as far as small-batch precision machine work goes it’s priced very fairly. The Icarus Precision grip module does make it easier to control and fills my fat hands well. I honestly love it and see the performance increase well worth a little extra weight. 

Additionally, finding holsters for it isn’t impossible. For example, the Reckoning Holster fits it like a glove! The key to carrying any gun comfortably is the holster. The Reckoning offers two metal clips that provide plenty of support for the little extra weight the ACE Grip Module adds to your P365. 

I don’t mind the weight. I would also say if you shoot competitively in the BUG division this might be the perfect gun for you. The ACE Module from Icarus Precision is well made and feels amazing in the hands. A product that does exactly what it claims, who doesn’t appreciate that?


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!



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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms based hobbies.

6 thoughts on “Heavy Metal: Reviewing The Icarus Precision P365 Grip”

  1. Very very interesting with GRIP and the dove tail. With the Picatinny rail, is nice because I grew up Glock without the rail. Worth pursuing.

  2. Grip is great, switching to standard Pic rail not so much. Here is why. This is a sub compact pistol there is pretty much nothing you can mount on such a short pic rail that doesnt stick out like a sore thumb in the front. Most lights lasers simply are too long. Now there are lots of solutions using the SIG rail that gives you custom solutions for this gun. So by switching the rail, they literally made it impossible to get any decent lights or lasers. The SIG rail stuff that can deal with the small form factor won’t work anymore and the rail is too small or the gun too short for the PIC stuff. So they really screwed the pooch here. I’d wish they’d just make one with the SIG rail and leave the precise dimensions for that front part like the plastic part and this grip would be perfect. Now it’s literally useless.

  3. I have an ADE HG54 laser on my 365 with an icarus precision module. Fits perfect. And it’s flush in front. In case anyone is looking for a nice laser for the module and rail.

  4. I think it’s perfect. Those of us who already own the Icarus Precision p365 need more holster options as not many holster companies know about this.

  5. Great grip. I have a ace xl+ macro on order. The the gripmand off hand thumb purchase sold it for me. But as for the shorter compact grip module I think there is no issue with the pic rail cs proprietary. I think it’s Sig and every other company that chooses to do something different just to drive sales of accessories that should be frowned upon. There is no reason any handgun with a rail should be anything but the pic spec standard. As for lights sticking out past barrel, that’s how I and most on my team want to run them. Sure after acfew hundred rds you have to clean it but it also provides an offset from the barrel and slide. There are also way more micro lights lasers etc then their use to be. TLR6 comes to mind. I cannrecall back when we started carrying the hk45ct and because of the short frame pic there was basically one light that would fit. Even our full size issued guns run the long large 1k lumen SF and SL lights. They all stick out past even 4.5-5″ barrels. Getting tgem dirty is not an issue as these are work tools not ranfe/game tools. If your dumping hundreds of rds in the real world with your sidearm things are way past fubar.

  6. I’ve got the ACE for my P365XL and I love it! My one issue is that the only holster I can find for it (and purchased) is all Kydex. It’s okay, but I really wish that CrossBreed made a Super Tuck for the ACE grip on the PP365XL.

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