Comfortable IWB Holsters for Concealed Carry

At CrossBreed Holsters, we offer IWB holsters for all our customers that are looking for a high-quality, reliable concealed carry holster for their firearms. Our holsters fit nicely against your body without feeling too bulky or noticeable. We also offer a wide variety of IWB holsters that can hold extra mags to ensure your safety while you have it on you. For safe and comfortable holsters, shop with us today. If you’re looking for more information regarding our products or our company, contact us today through our live chat option and a representative will be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • Top Seller
    SuperTuck® IWB Holster SuperTuck® IWB Holster
    • 3,543 Reviews
    From: 77.95
  • The Reckoning Holster The Reckoning Holster
    • 1,493 Reviews
    From: 76.95
  • Rogue Holster Rogue Holster
    • 24 Reviews
    From: 79.95
  • Top Seller
    Modular Belly Band Package 2.0 Modular Belly Band Package 2.0
    • 952 Reviews
    From: 74.95
  • Xecutive Holster by N8 Tactical Xecutive Holster by N8 Tactical
    • 71 Reviews
    From: 39.95
  • The Reckoning System The Reckoning System
    • 500 Reviews
    From: 96.95
  • Custom Reckoning Holster Custom Reckoning Holster
    • 13 Reviews
    From: 86.95
  • Top Seller
    MiniTuck® IWB Holster MiniTuck® IWB Holster
    • 1,403 Reviews
    From: 74.95
  • Rogue System Rogue System
    • 84 Reviews
    From: 99.95
  • Custom Rogue Holster Custom Rogue Holster
    • 4 Reviews
    From: 94.95
  • Top Seller
    Freedom Carry IWB Holster Freedom Carry IWB Holster
    • 755 Reviews
    From: 69.95
  • The Micro Reckoning Holster The Micro Reckoning Holster
    • 81 Reviews
    From: 72.95
  • Hybrid MT2 IWB Holster Hybrid MT2 IWB Holster
    • 205 Reviews
    From: 72.95
  • Hybrid ST2 IWB Holster Hybrid ST2 IWB Holster
    • 150 Reviews
    From: 74.95
  • Liberty Band Liberty Band
    • 112 Reviews
    From: 34.95
  • Custom Xecutive Holster Custom Xecutive Holster
    • 8 Reviews
    From: 54.95
  • The Micro Reckoning System The Micro Reckoning System
    • 6 Reviews
    From: 92.95
  • Custom Supertuck® IWB Holster Custom Supertuck® IWB Holster
    • 4 Reviews
    From: 87.95
  • Rogue Upgrade Kit Rogue Upgrade Kit
    • 3 Reviews
    From: 34.95
  • Custom MiniTuck® IWB Holster Custom MiniTuck® IWB Holster
    • 0 Reviews
    From: 84.95
Freedom Carry Holster VS MiniTuck Holster Video

Appendix Carry IWB Holster VS MiniTuck Holster

The revolutionary CrossBreed MiniTuck Holster is the most comfortable and concealable inside the waistband (IWB) holster you'll ever wear. But how does it stack up against our Appendix Carry IWB Holster?

What Our Customers Are Saying
  • You will literally forget you're wearing it!

    Without a doubt the best IWB holster you can buy. I've tried them all and always end up with crossbreed. I own 3 of them for 3 different handguns. They are on the more expensive side but well worth the money. You won't regret purchasing one or multiple holsters. They fit like a glove are beyond comfortable. You'll literally forget you're wearing it.

    Toby G.
  • Nothing will ever feel as nice as leather if you're carrying IWB.

    There are plenty of choices for Kydex holsters out there, and some are nice, but nothing will ever feel as nice as leather if ur carrying IWB. Crossbreed scored a home run with this new model. One note, it's still an open-ended holster. The pics make it look closed. It's not. But it's still nice and the ability to adjust the retention is very nice also. Thanks, crossbreed

    Scott N.
  • The fit, construction, and quality are top-notch.

    I have used every holster known to man and I must say for me the crossbreed mini tuck IWB with the founders leather has got to be the most comfortable holster I have ever used. The fit, construction, and quality are top-notch. I recommend crossbreed holsters to everyone.

    Roy M.
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