Small Purse Defender Assembly Only

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Small Purse Defender Assembly Only
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*Assembly Only.* The Purse Defender will accept the Belly Band Holster and Modular Mag carriers, the Last Ditch Modular Holster and in some instances the original Ohai Modular Holster. Another member of the CrossBreed® Modular family: The Purse Defender is designed to go inside your favorite purse or hand bag, so no more ugly concealed carry purses! The Velcro® Brand Fastener-lined Kydex panel fits securely in your purse or other bag, and keeps the gun and purse stabilized. This means that it will not spill over or cause your purse to tip like many purse holsters on the market today. Combined with a handcrafted modular holster, the Purse Defender ensures your firearm is safe, secure and always in the same spot in your purse or bag. The Small Purse Defender measures 7.25" wide x 4.75" tall with the base of the assembly being 2" wide. The Purse Defender comes with CrossBreed's "Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee".

7.25" x 2" x 4.75"
0.2 lbs
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