• LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster
  • LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster
  • LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster
  • LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster
  • LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster
  • LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster

LDS 2.0 Ohai Modular Holster

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Modular Holster for Your Light Mounted Handgun

Your Favorite Light Bearing Holster Is Now Modular

We know that carrying on-body isn’t always possible, but understanding the importance of always being armed means finding alternative carry methods including bags, backpacks, or possibly even in your vehicle or desk. While having a firearm in these places is critical for protecting yourself, what’s protecting your pistol? CrossBreed Holsters has you covered with our LDS 2.0 Ohai Holster. Whether at home, work, or on the road, the LDS 2.0 Ohai is a modular option for carrying your light-bearing pistol with you no matter the conditions.

Versatile Enough For All Your Needs

The LDS 2.0 Ohai features a firm leather backer, thick and rigid enough to support even larger framed firearms with a weapon mounted light attached. The backer is coupled with an industrial strength hook and loop fastener that is durable and made to last. The combination gives you a versatile and reliable platform you can move to various places by simply attaching it to modular hook and loop.

Get The Perfect Draw, The Way You Want It

The LDS 2.0 Ohai can be adjusted to provide you with exactly the amount of retention that you want. Featuring the adjustable retention pocket and retention device installed under the trigger guard, you can be assured that you will always have the perfect amount of retention

All Modular Holsters and Packages come default with a 4" Soft Loop Panel with peel and stick adhesive on the back

Lifetime Warranty & Try It Free, Two Week Guarantee

As with all of our handcrafted holsters, CrossBreed stands behind the quality of each and every LDS 2.0 Ohai holster with our legendary lifetime warranty and try it free, two week guarantee. If your holster ever fails from normal use you can be rest assured that CrossBreed Holsters has your back!

Can’t find your light or laser? Click here to request a fit.

Please Note: This holster will not activate the Viridian Reactor Laser.

Featuring fits for the most popular lights including:

  • Surefire X300
  • Surefire XC1
  • Inforce APL
  • Inforce APLc
  • Streamlight TLR1
  • Streamlight TLR7 or TLR8
  • Olight PL-Pro
  • Olight PL-2
  • And many more!