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Pac Mat

Manufacturer Model Light/Laser
Slide mounted electronic sight
Leather Option
Kydex Color
Add Magazine Carrier (Optional) + $32.75
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Keeping your firearm safe and secure at all times is essential when carrying concealed, and is especially important when carrying off body. The Pac Mat by CrossBreed offers a safe and secure way to carry in briefcases, messenger bags, bugout bags, backpacks, etc. The Pac Mat is a combination of a CrossBreed modular holster and a sturdy Kydex flat-panel lined with Loop Brand Fastener. The modular holster ensures that your firearm stays secure while keeping foreign objects out of the trigger area. Its position on the flat panel can be adjusted to accommodate different bags and draw preferences. The same holster can be used with other modular systems from CrossBreed. The Pac Mat is available in Right or Left-hand draw and measures 9” x 8”.

Leather Options: Black Cowhide or Natural

Kydex Options: Standard Black, FDE, Sniper Grey, OD Green, Tiffany Blue

This holster is great for firearms such as:

  • 1911
  • Beretta 92
  • CZ 75
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 43
  • Ruger LC9
  • Smith & Wesson Shield
  • Sig 320
  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Sig Sauer P365 With Lima 365 Laser
  • Springfield XDs
  • Springfield Hellcat