• Closeout Classic Gun Belt
  • Closeout Classic Gun Belt

Closeout Classic Gun Belt Brown

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Belts with core contain: A nylon cord inside the belt, enhancing the stiffness.

Harness Leather belts may vary in shade.

CrossBreed Holsters has taken our best-selling belt collection to the next level, introducing the upgraded Classic Gun Belt with a woven nylon webbing core. This enhancement elevates the durability and reliability of our already robust belts. The incorporation of this nylon core bolsters the belt's support, providing a stiffer structure and preventing long-term stretching. To secure this core, we employ industrial adhesive, sandwiching it between layers of premium top-grain leather. As always, our belts feature recessed stitching for a sleek appearance and extended, fray-free wear.

A dependable gun belt is the cornerstone of concealed carry, ensuring your holster stays securely in place. CrossBreed's Classic Gun Belt has been fortified to be stronger and more dependable than ever before.

Once the hides arrive at our facility, they are expertly cut into belt strips of the desired width and meticulously leveled by hand to achieve a consistent 7 oz thickness. Each strip is paired with a premium 7 oz leather liner, adhered together with industrial adhesive, and now features a ¾” woven nylon webbing strap. This innovative design not only enhances support but also prevents the belt from stretching with prolonged use. After the pairing, each belt strip is beveled, burnished, and joined by recessed stitching using 277 thread. The result is a belt approximately ¼” thick, offering robust support for your carry needs while maintaining flexibility for comfortable everyday wear. Every belt comes standard with a Stainless roller buckle, and we offer additional buckle options to suit your preferences. Upgrade to the Classic Gun Belt by CrossBreed for unmatched strength and reliability.

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