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  • MultiFlex Comfort Backer

MultiFlex Comfort Backer

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The MultiFlex Comfort Backer is an innovative accessory specifically designed to enhance the user experience of their MultiFlex holster. Crafted from breathable Neoprene, this comfort backer prioritizes the wearer's comfort, especially for those who carry inside the waistband. Neoprene is known for its soft, flexible properties, making it an ideal material to mitigate discomfort against the skin or clothing. This addition to the MultiFlex holster system addresses a common concern among concealed carriers—comfort throughout extended periods of wear.

The design of the Comfort Backer not only focuses on comfort but also maintains its effectiveness. Its breathable nature ensures that it reduces sweat and heat buildup, which are common issues with continuous holster wear. Easy to attach and detach, this backer seamlessly integrates with the MultiFlex holster, enhancing its versatility without compromising on security or accessibility of the firearm.

Whether for daily carry or long-duration use, the CrossBreed Holsters Comfort Backer is a thoughtful accessory that significantly improves the carrying experience. It demonstrates CrossBreed's commitment to innovation, user comfort, and the practical needs of concealed carriers.