Instructor Belt w/Velcro® Brand Closure

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The CrossBreed® Instructor Belt with Velcro® Brand Closure has a buckle-less design which boasts comfort, a sharp and professional appearance and the utmost stability and comfort. As with all belts by CrossBreed®, this belt is made utilizing American tanned Herman Oak top grain cowhide and lined with premium hard rolled leather with stitched cross grain creating a strong sturdy carry belt. Each belt has recessed stitching and is hand buffed, burnished, and treated. The belts will be approximately ¼â€Â thick resulting in a strong belt with superior support for your carry needs, while still offering flexibility for comfortable every day wear. The Instructor Belt with Velcro® Brand Closure has a Velcro® fastener instead of a hook and hole design with four inches of adjustment for an exact fit. There is no metal in its construction so this belt is ideal for persons working in Security or Corrections for ease of passing through security points. Belts are available in 1.25â€Â and 1.5â€Â widths. Other options include Basket Weave design and Velcro brand lining for use with our V-Clip package. Belts by CrossBreed® come with our “Two Week Try it Free Guaranteeâ€Â. The Velcro Instructor Belt by Crossbreed® does not come with the standard 7 holes for adjustment that all of our other belts have. The Velcro® belt allows for micro adjustment across the size range selected. Because there are no holes or buckle, the sizing for the Velcro® belt are a bit different than the standard belts. You will still need to measure your current belt or waist as demonstrated on our belt sizing videos and instructions to determine your actual waist size. After you have your actual waist size, you will select the size range that is best fits your needs. The size you choose corresponds to the center of the hook Velcro® and the center of the loop Velcro® alignment. Each Velcro® belt has 6â€Â of hook Velcro on one end and 10â€Â of loop Velcro® at the other, this allows for a very broad range of adjustment. Our goal is for the Velcro® to just overlap itself with no hook Velcro® being exposed. Allowing you to increase or decrease the maximum adjust ability of the belt over time. Your Velcro® belt will be stamped with a number that corresponds to the size range you selected when ordering. If you need assistance with belt options and sizing questions, kindly contact our customer service department at 888-732-5011. Please Note: DO NOT use your pants size as your belt measurement or order a desired size from buckle to tip. This will give you an incorrect fit. **SIZING ERRORS - We ask that our customers take the time to accurately measure for the correct fit before ordering a handcrafted belt. Our craftsmen take great care to ensure that your belt is correctly sized as ordered. All sizing error exchanges will be subject to a $10 processing and reshipping fee. Exchanges will be accepted during the two week trial period only. **BELT ADJUSTMENT - After the two week free trial, there is a charge of $25.00 to have a belt cut down to a smaller size. The adjustment must be 4 inches or more for gun belts, instructor, and dress belts. Instructor belt with Velcro® brand closure belts can be cut down in any increment. **Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®.**