• How do I maintain my leather?

    Although all of our leather hybrid holsters are treated with leather conditioner before they leave the shop, it may be necessary to condition the leather over the life of the holster.

    The conditioner should contain gentle ingredients and needs to be applied only to the gun side of the leather with a minimalist approach. The back side of the leather will be conditioned with the natural body oils from your skin and no further treatment is needed. If you need to clean the leather of your holster, saddle soap is recommended, followed by leather conditioner after the holster has fully dried.

  • What brand of lasers or lights will your holsters accommodate?

    We have the ability to craft holsters for several different lasers on the market today including Crimson Trace, Laser Max, Laser Lyte and Viridian. Please check the gun listing on our website for your specific firearm and laser, if it is not listed we are unable to accommodate that particular model. If your firearm is fitted with a Crimson Trace Laser Grip, please include this information in the additional comment section of your order. At this time we are unable to accommodate any of the Universal Rail Mounted Lasers or Lights.

  • What clip options are there and what do they do?

    SnapLok: Most holsters come standard with this spring-steel powder coated clip. It attaches over the top of the belt and is the most stable of the clip options. It works best with a sturdy leather belt.

    J-Hook: This optional clip attaches to the waistband of the pants, behind the belt and hooks underneath. This is a good option for thinner belts or woven nylon/canvas belts that can be too thin for the standard SnapLok

    V-Clip: This optional clip has no hook or ear, it attaches directly to the back of the belt using Velcro. These clips come with a length of loop Velcro to attach to your existing belt or you can order a Belt by CrossBreed® with the Velcro stitched in for you.

    UltiClip: This optional clip is designed for those customers who prefer to carry without the use of a belt. The UltiClip attaches to the waistband and keeps the holster secure without relying on a belt for support.

  • What size of belt do I need?


    Measure, in inches, your EXISTING BELT from the end of the buckle to the hole that fits you the best. This measurement is your belt size.

    These Belts by Crossbreed have seven holes for proper sizing. The size you order will be made for use with the center hole. If you know that you prefer a belt with a longer tongue, add 1-2 inches to your measurement. If you prefer a fit with a shorter tongue, subtract 1-2 inches from your measurement. For most people there is no need to change your belt size to allow for IWB carry of a single conceal carry pistol.


    Please refer to the instructor belt page for sizing chart and instructional video.


    Please refer to the Crossover Belt page for sizing chart, instructions, and videos.

    If you need assistance with belt options and sizing questions, kindly contact our customer service department at 888-732-5011.

    Please Note: DO NOT use your pants size as your belt measurement or order a desired size from buckle to tip. This will give you an incorrect fit.

    If you need assistance with belt options and sizing questions, kindly contact our customer service department at 888-732-5011.

    **SIZING ERRORS - We ask that our customers take the time to accurately measure for the correct fit before ordering a handcrafted belt. Our craftsmen take great care to ensure that your belt is correctly sized as ordered. All sizing error exchanges will be subject to a $10 processing and reshipping fee. Exchanges will be accepted during the two week trial period only. (Ares Aegis Belts are custom items and are non-returnable at any time for any reason) **BELT ADJUSTMENT – After the two week free trial, there is a charge of $25.00 to have a belt cut down to a smaller size. The adjustment must be 4 inches or more for gun belts, instructor, and dress belts. Instructor belt with velcro® brand closure belts can be cut down in any increment. **Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®

  • How can I adjust the retention of my holster?

    Retention adjustments are covered under your lifetime warranty. We would be happy to perform this for you anytime if you would like to leave it to the pros. If you prefer to do the adjustment yourself at home, you will find the instructions below:

    You Will Need:

    - Your holster

    - Your unloaded firearm

    - A hairdryer

    - Several cool, damp rags

    - A pair of heat-resistant gloves

    - A screwdriver or drill, if necessary

    *Begin with the unloaded gun IN the holster *Remove the clips if they are removable. If not, cover them with a cool, damp rag.

    *Cover all of the kydex and leather with a cool, damp rag. Leave only the indentation for the trigger guard and area immediately around it exposed. You may also want to work with the ejection port area as well.

    *Take a hairdryer and slowly heat the trigger guard area, (or ejection port). You will see the kydex soften and "lift" after a few minutes under direct heat.

    *Once you see the lifting begin, use your gloved hand to press the trigger indent back into the trigger guard making it shallower or deeper to alter the retention to suit yourself.

    If the kydex begins to look "wet" or shiny STOP, you have it too hot and it is about to melt. Let it cool and try again.

    If you do not understand this process or it seems too risky for you to perform on your own, you can always send us your holster. We are happy to adjust the retention to your liking for free, this is part of your warranty.

    Feel free to call 888-732-5011 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions.

  • What is the difference between Standard Cut and Combat Cut options?

    Standard Cut leather is the full-size backer of the holster which provides a barrier between the body and  the firearm. Combat Cut means that the leather has been trimmed away from the grip area, leaving only leather behind the frame of the gun and the slide. The benefit of a Combat Cut is that it allows for easier grip access. However, with less leather between the body and the gun this can sacrifice comfort because the grip will be making direct contact with the torso.  The benefit of the Standard Cut is that it keeps more of the pistol from being allowed to touch the body, meaning it is usually more comfortable. If you are unsure which cut you prefer, we recommend choosing Standard Cut.

  • What leather options do you offer and what are the benefits?

    Hand Dyed Cowhide Black

    Our Black Hand Dyed Cowhide leather is tanned exclusively for CrossBreed® Holsters. The hides are cut to the desired shape that best supports each pistol’s needs. The cutouts are then hand dyed and beveled to ensure maximum comfort. The Black Cowhide is sealed with leather conditioner to ensure a finish that will last a lifetime. 


    Premium Horsehide

    Our horsehide comes from Horween Leather, the only horse hide tannery in the United States. Horsehide is a very dense, tight grain leather that allows for a much thinner holster with the same increased stiffness and retention. Though horsehide is moisture resistant, it is not water proof but this leather will hold up better to high moisture environments better than cowhide because of its density. We recommend horsehide to people living in very hot humid climates or those who perspire heavily. The horse does take a bit longer to break in than the cowhide options due to its tighter grain, but once that break-in period is over the horse will conform to the shape of your body and stay in that shape.



    Founder's Leather

    Founder's Series leather feature an 7oz outer layer made of a 100% vegetable tanned leather using no dyes or lacquers. The hides then have natural oils and tallows applied under pressure giving each piece of hide a unique and distinctive appearance. The leather pieces range from a dark chocolate brown to a lighter tan with contrasting grain. The natural oils accent the grain and structure of each piece, resulting in a beautiful holster or belt that will withstand moisture, sweat, and environmental conditions. These oils also aid the leather in forming to your body when worn, resulting in a very quick break in period.

    Due to the natural character of the leather, each holster or belt will show wear and use from the holster and the owner. Over time these marks will accent the rustic feel and look of the Founder's Series. Each Founder's Series Belt will come with a care kit containing a bottle of dark saddlers oil specially formulated to bring back the original rustic look and feel.The Founder's Logo is going back to our roots when Mark Craighead stamped a simple cross on each holster to symbolize his faith and devotion. We have combined the original cross stamp and Mark's signature to set apart the Founder's Series of holsters and belts.

  • Can I combine multiple discounts or promotions?

    Unless otherwise stated only one discount may be applied to an order. This includes free shipping offers, or other offers automatically applied.

  • Can you explain your lifetime warranty?

    After your two-week-try-it-free period is over, your holster still carries a lifetime warranty and we will repair or replace it as long as you own it if it fails you in any way under normal use. The customer is responsible for return shipping, we will then repair/replace the item and pay to ship it back.

    *Lifetime warranty does not apply to Ankle Holsters by Crossbreed®

    *Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belly Bands

    *Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®

  • What about my personal information?

    We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. This is for our use only and we will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

  • What is your return policy?

    Please visit our RETURNS PAGE for full information about our return policies and procedures. 

  • Do you ship internationally?

    CrossBreed Holsters does not ship outside of the United States and its territories with the exception of Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico are given the option of US Postal Priority Mail International OR US Postal Priority Mail Express International. Shipping cost to Canada and Mexico is standard rate and non-negotiable. Cost is determined by weight using actual shipping prices to your area as quoted by USPS. We will not ship using any third party service arranged by the customer.

    All products on this web site are sold and priced in US dollars. Items being shipped outside the United States could be subject to import duties, taxes, and tariffs as imposed by the country the product is being imported into. The customer (the person importing the product) is responsible for paying any import duties or taxes incurred by customs when the product reaches the country of destination. CrossBreed Holsters is not responsible for any duties, taxes, or tariffs incurred by the importation of products into countries other than the United States. It is the responsibility of the recipient to be familiar with the customs rules and regulations of their country; CrossBreed Holsters will not replace items seized by customs officials.

    CrossBreed Holsters is also required, by law, to declare full value (purchase price) of the product on any waybills or customs documentation. We cannot declare a lower value on your package than the purchase price that you paid. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you have questions or need help with international shipping, please contact customer service: [email protected] or 888-732-5011

  • How can I expedite my order?

    If you would like to receive your order sooner than the current standard production times, you may select “Expedite Craftsman” at checkout. This option allows your order to be moved to the front of the line. The additional fee is $34.00 per invoice; these orders are made and shipped within 3 business days and shipped using the Express Insured shipping method.

  • What are your shipping policies?

    All packages shipped Flat Rate Ground are shipped via United States Postal Service. Once your package ships, you will receive an e-mail notification containing your USPS tracking information.

    Shipping times vary depending on order volume.

    Standard shipping costs for USPS are $9.00 for the first item, $3 for each additional item on the same invoice.  

    Express Insured Shipping is the only shipping method that CrossBreed® Holsters guarantees and is insured. This method is delivered by the carrier of CrossBreed's choosing and generally will arrive in three business days (day of shipping does not count)

    Express Insured Shipping Cost is $13.00 

    All CrossBreed® Holsters orders are made after the product has been ordered allowing the customer to make certain adjustments if needed. This means that your order is subject to our production time frame currently at 2 weeks from the date the order is placed. Your choice of shipping method does not change the production time frame, only the actual time it takes to get from our facility to you.

    CrossBreed® Holsters cannot be responsible for delays in delivery, and will not offer refunds for delayed deliveries.