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What leather options do you offer and what are the benefits?

Hand Dyed Cowhide Black

Our Black Hand Dyed Cowhide leather is tanned exclusively for CrossBreed® Holsters. The hides are cut to the desired shape that best supports each pistol’s needs. The cutouts are then hand-dyed and beveled to ensure maximum comfort. The Black Cowhide is sealed with a leather conditioner to ensure a finish that will last a lifetime.

Premium Horsehide

Our horsehide comes from Horween Leather, the only horse hide tannery in the United States. Horsehide is a very dense, tight grain leather that allows for a much thinner holster with the same increased stiffness and retention. Though horsehide is moisture resistant, it is not waterproof but this leather will hold up better to high moisture environments better than cowhide because of its density. We recommend horsehide to people living in very hot humid climates or those who perspire heavily. The horse does take a bit longer to break in than the cowhide options due to its tighter grain, but once that break-in period is over the horse will conform to the shape of your body and stay in that shape.

Founder's Leather

Founder's Series leather features a 7oz outer layer made of 100% vegetable tanned leather using no dyes or lacquers. The hides then have natural oils and tallow applied under pressure giving each piece of hide a unique and distinctive appearance. The leather pieces range from a dark chocolate brown to a lighter tan with contrasting grain. The natural oils accent the grain and structure of each piece, resulting in a beautiful holster or belt that will withstand moisture, sweat, and environmental conditions. These oils also aid the leather in forming to your body when worn, resulting in a very quick break-in period.

Due to the natural character of the leather, each holster or belt will show wear and use from the holster and the owner. Over time these marks will accent the rustic feel and look of the Founder's Series. Each Founder's Series Belt will come with a care kit containing a bottle of dark saddlers oil specially formulated to bring back the original rustic look and feel. The Founder's Logo is going back to our roots when Mark Craighead stamped a simple cross on each holster to symbolize his faith and devotion. We have combined the original cross stamp and Mark's signature to set apart the Founder's Series of holsters and belts.

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