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How can I adjust the retention of my holster?

Retention adjustments are covered under your lifetime warranty. We would be happy to perform this for you anytime if you would like to leave it to the pros. If you prefer to do the adjustment yourself at home, you will find the instructions below:

You Will Need:
  • Your holster
  • Your unloaded firearm
  • A hairdryer
  • Several cool, damp rags
  • A pair of heat-resistant gloves
  • A screwdriver or drill, if necessary
  • *Begin with the unloaded gun IN the holster *Remove the clips if they are removable. If not, cover them with a cool, damp rag.

    *Cover all of the kydex and leather with a cool, damp rag. Leave only the indentation for the trigger guard and area immediately around it exposed. You may also want to work with the ejection port area as well.

    *Take a hairdryer and slowly heat the trigger guard area, (or ejection port). You will see the kydex soften and "lift" after a few minutes under direct heat.

    *Once you see the lifting begin, use your gloved hand to press the trigger indent back into the trigger guard making it shallower or deeper to alter the retention to suit yourself.

    If the kydex begins to look "wet" or shiny STOP, you have it too hot and it is about to melt. Let it cool and try again.

    If you do not understand this process or it seems too risky for you to perform on your own, you can always send us your holster. We are happy to adjust the retention to your liking for free, this is part of your warranty.

    Feel free to call 888-732-5011 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions.

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