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What type of holster clip options are there and what do they do?

SnapLok: Most holsters come standard with this spring-steel powder-coated clip. It attaches over the top of the belt and is the most stable of the clip options. It works best with a sturdy leather belt.

J-Hook: This optional clip attaches to the waistband of the pants, behind the belt, and hooks underneath. This is a good option for thinner belts or woven nylon/canvas belts that can be too thin for the standard SnapLok

V-Clip: This optional clip has no hook or ear, it attaches directly to the back of the belt using Velcro. These clips come with a length of loop Velcro to attach to your existing belt or you can order a Belt by CrossBreed® with the Velcro stitched in for you.

UltiClip: This optional clip is designed for those customers who prefer to carry without the use of a belt. The UltiClip attaches to the waistband and keeps the holster secure without relying on a belt for support.

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