Walther PDP F-Series Review

As if Walther’s PDP line couldn’t get any better…

Walther Arms has released several new pistols over the last few years, including their Q5 match polymer and steel frame pistol and the all-new PDP. Shortly after the PDP, the PDP-F series was released, a gun model designed for the average female’s hand size. While the slim design and the slide length options are what sets this gun apart from the rest, there are more aspects to Walther’s pistols that make them great carry guns.

5 Reasons to Love Walther PDP F-Series

Grip Size Reduction

Walther reduced the grip circumference in the F-series pistol models. The contour of a woman’s hand is different than that of a man’s. The F-series focused on reducing the grip size in the places it matters to make a better fit to control the recoil and reach the trigger.

Walther F-Series Features: Ergonomics from Walther Arms on Vimeo.

Something else worth noting about the Walther PDP F-Series pistol is the grip texture on the gun. It features a tetrahedron design, so it’s non-abrasive against clothing or skin. Grip texture is a personal preference, but when it comes to a concealed carry gun, it’s essential to have a gun that stays in your hands in the rain, heat, icy cold temperatures, and any other type of condition you may find yourself in.

Concealability & Slide Length

Women are just built differently than men. It’s plain and simple. Our bodies are shaped differently, our hips are wider, and clothing that may work for men doesn’t always work for women. Our frame size can also be much smaller, and it can be challenging to properly conceal a gun and avoid printing. The Walther PDP F-Series comes in two sizes, a 3.5-inch barrel or a 4-inch barrel. The 4-inch barrel model gun has an overall slide length of 7 inches, while the 3.5-inch barrel gun is 6.5 inches. Where these two are the same is in the overall height of the gun. While the lengths may not seem like a major difference, you can have more felt recoil in the shorter gun, but with the added bonus of better concealability. The trigger reach is a mere 2.56 inches, which is a massive improvement compared to most other compact guns on the market and is what makes this gun fit more female hands. The total weight of the PDP-F trigger is 5.6 pounds.

The 2 Walther PDP F-Series pistols

Walther PDP F-Series is Optics Ready

In my opinion, there is no purpose for guns that don’t come optics-ready anymore. Even if you prefer iron sights, having the option to add a dot to your pistol at any time is valuable. Walther intentionally designed the PDP-F to co-witness your iron sights with your red dot on the gun, so you have your iron backups even if the dot fails.

Optics Ready Walther PDP F-Series


Having more rounds in a carry gun is never a bad idea. Both Walther PDP F-Series pistols hold 15 rounds. This is synonymous with the Sig P365, Smith & Wesson M&P Compact, and CZ 75 Compact. The list of stock compact pistols with a 15+1 round capacity is short, so it’s nice to see it growing.

Accessories & Aftermarket Support

Walther Arms does a great job updating its website with aftermarket accessories supporting its pistol models. I find value in changing the sights to night sights, adding a base pad magazine extension, and finding a light that fits the rail just right. Having aftermarket support for any gun you’re interested in buying is extremely valuable.


Shooting the Walther PDP F-Series

I am one of those females that does not suffer from small hand syndrome, but as a firearms instructor, the Walther PDP F-Series pistols are perfect for instructing women. If more firearm manufacturers followed suit by making more guns suited for smaller hands, I think we would see an increase in women carrying guns.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to carry concealed and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment. Kenzie is also the host of the Reticle Up Podcast, where she interviews competitive shooters, hunters, anglers, archers, entrepreneurs, and outdoorsmen.





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  2. I Love ❤️ it it’s the New virgin Model than the Jame Bond model futuristic type compact very accurate and concealable 😎👍

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