5 New Handguns from Shot Show You Need to Try

SHOT Show 2022 brought out many new guns. Kenzie shows us her 5 favorite handguns to come out of this year’s show.

Despite rumors of SHOT Show 2022 being canceled, it went off without a hitch, and firearm manufacturers still had new products to showcase. Some of the new handguns from SHOT Show have been in production for years but were not hard launched because last year’s show was canceled, and some of the “new” guns are upgrades of existing models. Here are 5 of the best new or newish handguns coming out of SHOT Show 2022.

Canik SFx Rival

Canik firearms are imported to the US through Century Arms. In recent years, Canik has been improving their competition pistol line and making a name for themselves among the top manufacturers. These Turkish guns are nothing to turn your nose up at, especially when you hear the price point.

The SFx Rival pistol was built with dimensions to be legal to compete within USPSA, IDPA, and IPSC. One of the biggest challenges firearm manufacturers has is making one gun compatible for all shooting disciplines so this is a big deal for competitive shooters who enjoy all the sports. The biggest improvement with this pistol is the lightened diamond-cut aluminum fat trigger. While I’m already a fan of the Canik SFx stock trigger, this improved flat trigger has a clean break and a very short reset. The flared mag well is subtle but makes reloading easier under pressure.

The SFx Rival is loaded with bonus add-ons including reversible mag releases and sizes, an ambidextrous slide release, three grip backstrap sizes, a newly designed custom holster, Canik punch, and tool kit, cleaning kit, a magazine loader, plus additional fiber optics.


  • 18 Round Magazines
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Aluminum Magazine Base Plates
  • External Mag-Well
  • Optic Plates for RIVAL
  • Optic Plates for RIVAL DARK SIDE
  • Additional Fiber Optic
  • Grip Back Straps
  • Magazine Release Extensions
  • Picatinny rail

MSRP: $679.99

SDS Imports PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical

Canik isn’t the only manufacturer producing guns out of Turkey. SDS Imports PX-9 pistol is one of the best new handguns from Shot Show, and I got to test it out on range day this year. One of the best features of this pistol is that each panel of the grip is interchangeable with different side panels and backstraps. I left the left panel stock while expanding the backstrap slightly, and using the enlarged right grip panel to fit my palm perfectly. This gun offers 27 grip configurations, so there’s no excuse for this gun not fitting your hand.

SDS Imports designed the PX-9 front fiber optic sight to be compatible with any aftermarket Glock 9/40 fiber optics. This pistol comes with an RMR cut for mounting red dots. You can easily attach a suppressor to the threaded barrel. Lastly, you can remove the flared magazine well adapter.

This gun shot lights-out at range day. The grip was the most comfortable pistol grip I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. In terms of shooting, features, and price, I would compare this pistol to full-size HKs and Canik pistols.


  • 20 and 18 round magazines
  • Fixed Rear sight
  • Glock 9/40 fiber optic front sight
  • IWB holster included
  • CNC Machined Slide with Forward & Rear Serrations
  • Integrated M1913 Rail

MRSP: $599.99

Smith and Wesson

M&P Shield EZ (30 Super Carry)

The latest news in the firearms industry is the development of the new 30 Super Carry round. Federal’s 30 super carry HST has more penetration than 9mm or 380 auto and moves faster than both. This new cartridge also allows more magazine capacity than 9mm.

While the M&P Shield EZ model is not new to the firearms market, Smith & Wesson did manufacture this model gun to chamber with the new 30 super carry round. This new cartridge allows for two more rounds of ammunition to be loaded compared to the 9mm version.


  • Easy to rack slide
  • Crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible reset
  • Includes 2 easy-to-load magazines
  • Grip safety
  • Windage adjustable, white dot rear sight
  • Disassembles without pulling the trigger
  • Tactile loaded chamber indicator (TLCI)
  • Picatinny-style rail
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Optimal 18º grip angle for natural point of aim
  • Armornite® durable corrosion-resistant finish

MSRP: $521.00


The latest from Smith & Wesson is their CSX pistol. This handgun offers 12+1 capacity in a micro-handgun. Smith & Wesson also developed a flat-faced trigger to make it easy for finger placement on the trigger. The CSX has ambidextrous controls from the thumb safety to the slide stop and magazine release. This pistol can be fired in single-action mode with an external hammer.

The CSX has interchangeable backstraps to customize the gun to your hand size. The slide serrations on the back of the gun make it easier to rack the slide and chamber a round. The top of the slide serrations is designed to reduce glare off the gun in bright conditions.


  • 12+1 and 10+1 Rounds
  • Interchangeable Backstraps
  • Stainless Steel with Armornite® Finish – Barrel and Slide

MSRP: $609.00

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8-inch Compact OSP 10mm with Hex Dragonfly

There were a couple of new handguns from SHOT Show chambered in 10mm, one of which is the XD-M Elite Compact from Springfield Armory. Carry optics are becoming more and more popular and this pistol might just give other manufacturers a run for their money. This pistol comes packaged with a HEX Dragonfly red dot, featuring an aluminum body and 3.5 MOA dot.

Even chambered in 10mm, this pistol can hold 11+1 rounds of ammo and will definitely pack a punch. The low profile mag well makes reloading easier, but can also be removed depending on the shooter’s preference. The trigger is comparable to other stock compact pistol triggers on the market, but is comfortable and easy to reach for smaller hand sizes.


  • 11 round magazines
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Removable mag well
  • Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly
  • Fiber optic front sight

MSRP: $837.00

Savage Stance MC9

One of the new handguns from Shot Show that surprised many is the Savage Arms Stance MC9 pistol. Savage introduced this pistol as the first of many as they are re-entering the handgun market.

When I purchase any firearm to be a concealed carry gun, I always swap out the stock sights for night sights. In my opinion, compact handguns should come set up ready for concealed carry. The MC9 comes with TruGlo night sights with some models. The pistol can be set up for right or left-handed shooters with an ambidextrous slide and magazine releases, plus ambi thumb safety as well. The trigger in the MC9 is wide with a short reset for easier follow-up shots.


  • 8 round magazines
  • TruGlo night sights
  • Interchangeable back strap
  • Ambidextrous magazine and slide release

MSRP: $479.00 – $561.00


Overall, the new handguns from SHOT Show were impressive, but only time will tell how they perform.



Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting, and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to concealed carry and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment.





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