New Products from Shot Show 2022

10 New Products from SHOT Show 2022

New Products from Shot Show 2022

Kenzie Fitzpatrick takes us through 10 of her favorite new products coming out of SHOT Show 2022


While guns are always the main focus, there were a lot of new products from SHOT Show 2022 that stirred up excitement. From a brand new cartridge to new optics, suppressors, and triggers, SHOT Show 2022 had a little something for everyone to get excited about.

Federal 30 Super Carry

There’s been quite the buzz around the new Federal 30 Super Carry ammo cartridge. One of the biggest benefits of this new ammunition is it increases magazine capacity in compact pistols. Magazines that hold standard 9mm will carry two more rounds initially in the available pistol models. Right now, Smith & Wesson and Nighthawk are the only two companies who offer firearms chambered in 30 super carry. I was able to shoot the Nighthawk at range day at SHOT Show this year and in terms of recoil, it was a little more soft shooting than 9mm or 380 auto.

What is surprising is this new cartridge designed by Federal has a wider penetration and moves at a higher feet per second rate than 9mm or 380 auto. In terms of pricing, Federal shares pricing will be about the same as 380 auto loaded with the same bullet type.

MSRP: FMJ $31.99 JHP $36.99

Crossbreed Holsters Rogue System

Holster selection is always a process and can be a struggle to find what works best for you. As the market grows and changes, holsters are changing to accommodate more ways to carry in one holster design. We have designed the all-new Rogue System to be a more versatile holster you can configure how you prefer to carry.

The Rogue System has a detachable magazine carrier, allows you to adjust the retention of the holster on your pistol, a concealment claw, a customizable fit with multiple clip locations and types to choose from, and the ability to adjust the cant angle for a perfect draw. What this holster allows you to do is wear it strong side, appendix carry, or using our OWB loops, you can cross-draw. The different clip locations will also allow you to adjust the holster to sit lower or higher depending on your preferred carry method. Lastly, there is some flex to the holster so it curves around your body comfortably and for better concealment.

MSRP: $99.95 (base model)

DoubleStar Blades

DoubleStar Blades have introduced the all-new Kodiak Camp Axe at SHOT Show 2022. To see and hold this in person was an experience. The Kodiak is made with 52100 carbon steel (the same materials used in ball bearings) with an ergonomic G10 grip design. The axe has a parkerized patina finish (a 114-year-old proven process that provides protection) with a tapered shape that ensures retention while cross-cutting or splitting. DoubleStar Blades designed the piercing Kodiak Camp Axe to improve splitting, the strike face durable enough for hammering, and the contact point places the kinetic energy right where you need it.

Coming Soon

MSRP: $319

Real Avid Master Gun Vise

As an AR-15 armorer with a basic vice grip at home, I was blown away by the new Master Gun Vise by Real Avid. Real Avid designed the vice around a ball and socket joint that allows you to rotate the entire vise horizontally down or rotate the entire vise 180 or 360 degrees so essentially you never have to take the gun off the vice and reposition it anymore.

The leveling knob is probably one of my favorite new features. When it comes to mounting optics onto a gun, if your table or vice isn’t level, you will have to use a bag, bipod, or another way to level the gun before you can even mount the optic. The vice itself comes with gun fit sleeves including foam for shotguns and nylon hard sleeves for Picatinny or ARCA Swiss rails, suppressors, or your barrel. If you’re already a Real Avid tool user, the Master Gun Vise is already set up to integrate with their Lug-Lok Upper vise block and their Smart-Fit Vise Block. This gun vise might just make it onto a bench near me very soon.

MSRP: ​​$299.99

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press with Case Feeder

Reloaders are going to be excited that one of the new products from SHOT Show 2022 is a new reloading press by Frankford Arsenal. The all-new X-10 progressive press is a 10 station automatic indexing reloading press. Frankford Arsenal was careful to design small features that improve upon other similar presses. The X-10 has dual de-capping stations, in-line primer pocket swaging capability, and the ability to run powder check and case trimming dies. Similar to other reloading presses, you can change shell plates and tool heads to reload anything from 9mm to 30-06.

While other presses come with aftermarket support with upgrade items, Frankford Arsenal decided to include these similar items with the X-10 press. This includes the roller handle, integrated LED light, and spring-loaded case locator buttons. These little features go a long way to make reloading easier.

MSRP: $1,099.99

Hiperfire AK Trigger

If you haven’t heard of Hiperfire yet, you may find you’re interested in learning more about them after this. Hiperfire triggers are some of the best single-stage and two-stage triggers for AR’s, PCCs, and now AK’s. The triggers are semi-drop-in but don’t require a gunsmith to install. They offer both flat and curved triggers, with the option of a shoe on the flat triggers. Many of the triggers are adjustable pull weights down to even 2.5 pounds.

The new line of triggers is the XAK line that is specifically designed to work in AKs. The new XAKM1 is a single-stage trigger with a short 2lb pull weight. The reset is short for easy follow-up shots and the curved trigger bow even allows for the added Hipershoe. The trigger is semi-drop-in, and it’s important to note that it works best using HIPERFIRE AK Pins and safety selector.

MSRP: $75

Aero Precision Suppressors

Aero Precision manufactures quality AR-15 and M5/AR308 parts, along with rifle accessories, scope mounts, bolt carrier groups, and more. While there is nothing on their website yet about them, Aero is diving into the suppressor market. Their Lahar 30 line of suppressors will be available this year in three length configurations to include a 4 baffle K model, 6 baffle standard model, and 9 baffle L model. Aero designed the suppressor to accept industry-standard 1.375×24 mounting options to be compatible with most rifles.

Coming Soon

Estimated MRSP: $800-900

Eotech Vudu 1-10×28 FFP

Eotech is a name long trusted in the red dot market. Eotech dropped a variety of new products from SHOT Show 2022 to include a 1-10 first focal plane scope comparable to others on the market. They plan to begin delivering these in March of 2022.

Some of the features include a push-button illumination for easy manipulation, fog-resistant glass, shock resistance against rough handling, and water-resistant. The glass has an anti-reflective coating for better clarity with efficient light transmission. One of the small details that I love is that they include a throw lever. In many competitive shooting disciplines, it is difficult to change the magnification level quickly, and many shooters have to purchase an aftermarket throw lever. The tube diameter is 34mm with a CR2032 battery for illumination and comes in your choice of reticle.

MSRP: $1,799.00

Crimson Trace Rapid Illumination Grip

One of the simplest, yet most useful new products from SHOT Show 2022 was Crimson Trace’s new rapid illumination grip (RIG). This single unit is an angled foregrip and 500-peak-lumen weapon light in one. The batteries that power it are rechargeable and can last for an hour with peak lumen output. Adjustment controls are ambidextrous with buttons on the left and right sides, plus it comes with a remote switch. It attaches to any M-LOK or Picatinny rails.

MSRP: $204.99

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco also released a few new knives this year, one of them, the new Stovepipe knife. The blade is made with 5mm CPM 20CV stainless steel and has a deep hollow grind for superior edge geometry. This folding knife weighs 4.9 ounces with a titanium handle. The clip is set up for right-side, tip-up carry.

MSRP: $600


It was good to see new products from SHOT Show 2022 that are valuable to gun owners, armorers, concealed carriers, and competitive shooters. We are looking forward to seeing the feedback from the shooting community on these items.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting, and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to concealed carry and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment.





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