5 New Shotguns from SHOT Show, Plus 2 for Lefties

What’s SHOT Show without shotguns? Kenzie Fitzpatrick shows us her top shotguns to come out of this year’s show.


There were quite a few new shotguns from SHOT Show 2022, but these five stole the show, in my opinion. Just when you think there isn’t more you can do to improve a shotgun, these companies come up with more features that make life that much easier.

Browning Maxus II

I can’t say enough good things about the Browning Maxus II. I was able to get my hands on one at range day at SHOT Show, and to say it was the best shooting shotgun I’ve held is an understatement. The Maxus II is a gas-operated shotgun that is friendlier to use than inertia-driven shotguns. Gas-operated shotguns will always function and operate even if the shooter doesn’t have the gun shouldered properly or a good cheek weld. Interia driven shotguns will jam if the firearm isn’t held and used correctly to drive the action.

The ergonomics of the shotgun were designed to be comfortable and fit your cheek well. There is rubber over-molding on the stock’s grip, a SoftFlex cheek pad, and inflex recoil pad. All the controls are oversized for easy manipulation. Competitive shotgun shooters know that a shotgun needs to be fitted to you to shoot as accurately as possible. Browning designed the Maxus II stock to be adjustable for cast, drop, and length of pull.


  • SoftFlex™ Cheek Pad increases shooting comfort
  • Oversize bolt release and bolt handle
  • Trigger guard is ramped for easier loading
  • Nickel Teflon™ Coating on the bolt, bolt slide, shell carrier, bolt release, and bolt handle protect and add lubricity
  • Fiber-optic front sight and ivory mid-bead
  • ABS hard case included
  • Three extended Invector-Plus Goose Band choke tubes included (F, M, IC)

MSRP: $2,159.99

Mossberg 940 Turkey Pro

Mossberg’s all-new 940 Turkey Pro is ready to roll out of the box and into the woods. This shotgun comes optic-ready with receiver cuts that accept low-profile direct mounting microdots. This shotgun is also gas-driven making it easy to cycle the action without failures to feed or eject. The loaded port is enlarged for easier loading.

The front sight is already set up with a HiViz® CompSight® fiber optic which is easy to pick up in the brightest and darkest environments. The stock is adjustable so you can set the gun up to your length of pull.


  • Compsight FO; Optic-Ready
  • 4+1 Capacity
  • Front fiber optic
  • Enlarged/beveled loading port and elongated elevator
  • Anodized follower for smooth operation

MSRP: $1,120

CZ Redhead Premier

CZ is a popular brand among trap shooters. From the ergonomics, functionality, and soft shooting, their shotguns are all-around great guns to compete with. The Redhead Premier is the flagship of their over/under line. The Redhead features CZ’s new 1-piece CNCed receiver, has laser-cut checkering, pistol grip, and a white bead. While this shotgun caters more to the trap and skeet shooters, it is a great all-purpose shotgun. When you open the action, the Redhead Premier will kick out the spent shells automatically.


  • Turkish walnut stock
  • Single selective trigger
  • Over/under break action with a 2-round capacity
  • Flat vent-rib barrel with a gloss chrome finish and a 3-inch chamber
  • Comes with F, IM, M, IC, and C choke tubes

MSRP: $1,075

Beretta A300 Ultima

I’m already a fan of the Beretta super comp shotgun so my review of the new Ultima gun may be a bit biased. The A300 Ultima has enlarged controls, an improved receiver, and the Beretta Kick-Off recoil reduction system. This shotgun is very soft shooting and even the newest shooter can handle the recoil even after shooting hundreds of rounds.

Beretta designed the shotgun to have an oversized loading port which makes it easier to load shells quickly. There is a fiber optic front sight as well as a mid-bead. For the price, you can’t beat the value Beretta has built in the new A300 Ultima.


  • MobilChoke pattern barrel designed to fit a wide variety of choke options
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Wide stepped rib
  • Larger bolt handle and bolt release
  • Reduced recoil system

MSRP: $849.00

Retay Antalya SS

Retay’s new Antalya SS shotgun is a cross between a hybrid clay and upland auto-loader shotgun. What’s unique about this inertia drive shotgun is that Retay’s Inertia Plus system ensures the bolt closes properly and locks the shotshell into battery (similar to a gas shotgun).

The trigger takedown is extremely simple, making this easy to clean. You press the bolt release and a small button on the trigger group, and the trigger group slides out. On top of that, this shotgun also has a patent-pending removable ejector so you can deep clean your shotgun without taking it to a gunsmith. Lastly, the recoil pad is made with a high-tech microcell material and designed for all-day shooting comfort.


  • 4+1 capacity
  • Come with S, IC, M, IM, F chokes
  • TruGlo fiber optic front sight
  • Oiled/Varnish Finish Turkish Walnut With Adjustable Fit Plate and Shim System
  • Cross Bolt Push Button Intercepter and Removable Trigger System (RTS)
  • Comes with gun oil, choke wrench, swivels, and your manual

MSRP: $2,499-$2,999

New Shotguns from SHOT Show For Lefties

There were also some new shotguns from SHOT Show 2022 that are left-hand friendly. While these aren’t necessarily new shotguns, these companies reworked the original design to cater to the left-handed market.

Winchester SX4 Left-Hand

The Winchester SX4 was introduced a few years ago, but they’ve redesigned this popular shotgun to be left-hand friendly. This shotgun is gas-operated with an active valve system making it smooth and easy to operate. This shotgun is loaded with features with a TruGlo front fiber optic, adjustable length of pull, and reversible safety button for faster operation. You can easily sling this shotgun using the swivel studs that come with it.


  • Invector-Plus choke tubes (F,M,IC)
  • TRUGLO fiber-optic sight
  • Inflex Technology recoil pad
  • Length of pull spacers
  • Larger cocking handle, bolt release, and reversible safety button for faster operation
  • Sling swivel studs

MSRP: $1,149.00

Franchi Affinity 3 Left-Hand

The Affinity 3 shotgun is a hunter’s dream shotgun. This left-hand design moved the bolt handle, safety, and cartridge case discharge to the left side so no more ejecting shells into your arm. This shotgun features an oversized release button and an enlarged loading port for easier loading.

One of the most obnoxious parts about shooting a shotgun is how often the rubber or other material stock will get stuck to your clothing. The Franchi Affinity 3 has a polyurethane TSA Recoil Pad that absorbs up to 50% of the recoil and does not get stuck on clothing.


  • Red fiber optic front sight
  • Pistol grip stock
  • Allround interlacement checkering

MSRP: $899


These new shotguns from SHOT Show 2022 are either on the market now or will be hitting the market soon. Many come in a variety of colors as well.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting, and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to concealed carry and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment.





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