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Bedside Backup

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Slide Mounted Electronic Sight (Burris, RMR, Docter)

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Slide Mounted Electronic Sight

The "Slide Mounted Electronic Sight" or as it is more commonly referred to as "Micro Red Dot Sight" is a small electronic sight that is mounted just in front of the rear sights.

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Mag Carrier

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Bedside Backup

The Bedside Backup is an essential piece of equipment in keeping your home secure. Our unique design offers a modular and secure method for keeping a firearm within easy reach at your bedside. The BedSide Backup also folds flat for easy packing and traveling for nights in those motels that aren't quite in the part of town we thought they were. Its main support simply slips between the mattress and box springs, and the OHAI holster attaches via Velcro® Brand Fastener.

The Patented Bedside Backup was created and developed by Matthew Craighead, brother of Mark Craighead, founder of CrossBreed® Holsters. Another fine firearms product from Crossbreed® Holsters, get your Bedside Backup today and keep your sidearm securely stowed at your bedside while you rest.

The BedSide Backup comes complete with one Ohai modular holster for the firearm of your choice. Additional modular holsters and mag carriers are available at an extra cost.

The BedSide Backup is NOT a child safety device. Patent #8,479,331


Product Size: 13.25" x 1.50" x 9.00"
Product Weight: 15.0 ounces