OutRider Accessory OWB Holster

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OutRider Accessory OWB Holster

Introducing the OWB OutRider Accessory Holster by CrossBreed Holsters – the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. Crafted with premium leather, this handy accessory is a must-have addition to any discerning individual's everyday carry arsenal.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the OWB OutRider Accessory Holster boasts an open-top retention, ensuring quick and easy access to your item of choice. No fumbling or awkward delays; this case keeps your essential items readily available whenever you need it, allowing you to tackle life's challenges with confidence and efficiency.

Features housing for essential items such as:

Spare Magazines: For those who value personal safety and preparedness, the OWB OutRider Accessory Holster features a dedicated slot for a spare magazine. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, a concealed carry advocate, or simply prioritize self-defense, this component ensures you have an extra magazine at the ready when it matters most.

Flashlights: Illuminate your path and banish the darkness with ease. The OWB OutRider Accessory Holster comes equipped with a designated space for a compact flashlight. Whether you're navigating dimly lit areas or seeking lost items under your car seat, this feature ensures you're never caught off-guard by inadequate lighting.

Multi-Tools / Pocket Knives: Designed for efficiency, the OWB OutRider Accessory Holster also offers a secure pouch to accommodate additional essentials. From traditional multi-tools to pocket knives, small first aid supplies, and more, you'll find that this holster is the ideal home for those crucial items that often go amiss when you need them most.

The waist-worn design of this holster further enhances its practicality. Meant to work with any 1.5 inch belt, you'll enjoy a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to carry your critical item(s) effortlessly throughout the day. Whether you're a craftsman, outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who values a more robust EDC setup, this waist-worn case becomes an indispensable companion.

Join the ranks of professionals, artisans, and enthusiasts who trust CrossBreed Holsters for their EDC needs. Elevate your carry game with the OWB OutRider Accessory Holster, where innovation meets tradition, and functionality meets elegance. Experience the difference in quality and performance – a difference that sets CrossBreed Holsters apart.

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