Rock Island Armory 5.0

The Rock Island Armory 5.0: 7 Years in the Making

The all-new Rock Island Armory 5.0 pistol has been in the making for seven years and has finally come to fruition.

I attended Range Day at this year’s SHOT Show and was able to test-fire it and hear the CEO talk about the journey he’s been on to get this pistol off the ground. Well, all good things come to those who wait, and this one was definitely worth the wait.

Main Features of the Rock Island Armory 5.0:


The trigger on this pistol is the best stock pistol trigger I’ve ever pulled in my entire life. The only pistol triggers that compare to the RIA 5.0 are aftermarket triggers. The trigger pull is just 4 lbs. and is a slightly curved, flat trigger. The trigger features a trigger safety, but it’s so light it’s hardly noticeable. The reset is featherlight, making shooting splits easier than ever before. Even if you only have the chance to dry-fire this gun in a store, go check out the trigger!

Weight and Size

The total weight of the Rock Island Armory 5.0 pistol is just under 2.5 lbs with iron sights. It has a barrel length of 4.91 inches, an overall length of 8.11 inches, and an overall height of 5.17 inches. This gun is so well balanced with a full dust cover, light forward and rear serrations, and a Nylon grip. There is a Picatinny rail to add a light or laser to the gun. Even though this gun is full-size, it is only 1.33 inches wide, which is extremely manageable, even for people with smaller hand sizes. It is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-manage guns I’ve shot to date.

RIO 5.0

Red Dot Ready

The gun comes in two configurations. It can be outfitted with iron sights featuring an LPA adjustable rear sight and Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, or it is available with a C-More RTS 2 red dot optic. C-More has been around for 30 years in the industry and makes one of the most reliable red dot optics on the market today. The partnership between these two companies, I think, is a smart move for both. With a capacity of 17+1 rounds, this gun is a fun plinking pistol, but it also would be great for competition shooting, with or without a red dot.

RIO 5.0 gun

Next to No Felt Recoil

This pistol’s recoil is beyond easy to manage for anyone. Rock Island Armory outfitted the 5.0 pistol with their patented RVS recoil system. It is engineered to maximize barrel mass and linear movement for super soft recoil. You’ll see your front sight or red dot come back into your line of sight quickly after your initial shot is fired.

Rock Island Armory 5.0 no recoil


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Barrel: 4.91″
  • Overall Length: 8.11in
  • Overall Width: 1.33in
  • Overall Height: 5.17 in
  • Weight 2.47 lbs
  • Front Sight: Dawson Precision, Fiber optic on dovetail cut
  • Rear Sight: LPA Adjustable on dovetail cut (Also available with C-More RTS II Red Dot Optic)
  • Grips: Nylon Grips
  • Finish: Cerakote
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Trigger Pull: 4 lbs
  • MSRP: $998.88


I’m excited to see this gun enter the market and see if it takes off in the competition market. It’s an easy gun to manage, fun to shoot, and for serious competitive shooters, the price point is spot on. The gun’s sights track easily for those looking for a reliable but accurate gun to shoot for fun on the range.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to carry concealed and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment. Kenzie is also the host of the Reticle Up Podcast, where she interviews competitive shooters, hunters, anglers, archers, entrepreneurs, and outdoorsmen.


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    1. you can only buy it direct from Armscor. They get limited amounts in, and you have to act quickly or they are gone. when you go to the web site, it will most likely show that none are currently for sale. click on the gun you want to buy, and a popup will appear for you to sign up to be notified. it took me 3 tries to get mine. They will ship direct to your FFL. you need to check the FFL list to be sure yours is in there. if not, you can have them (or you) upload a copy of their FFL license. That way when you get notified, it’ll be there. you are competing against other buyers for a limited supply. use this link:

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