The Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module – Upgrading the P320

Changing grips can improve your shooting experience with increased accuracy and better recoil management. Travis reviews an offering from Mirzon for the Sig P320.

The P320’s modular nature can’t be overlooked. Most guns allow some degree of modularity, but the P320 removable chassis system took it to an entirely new level. The P320 has interchangeable grip modules, and SIG makes a number of options. However, SIG isn’t the only one diving into this game. A little company called Mirzon produces what they call the Enhanced Grip Module and its an upgraded lower parts kit.

The P320 standard grip modules work great, but can they work better? Mirzon thinks so and designed the Mirzon grip module to provide enhanced control, reduced recoil, increased comfort, and heck, even different styling. Looks might not matter in the long run, but it’s nice when they do. Mirzon offers the Enhanced Grip Module in 17 different colors. These colors include classics like black and FDE as well as distressed gold, Magpul foliage green, and storm gray.

Setting the Mirzon Up

Installing your slide and FCU into the Mirzon takes no real effort. Unload and clear the weapon. Remove the slide, then remove the FCU. Drop the FCU into the Mirzon grip module and install it. Toss your slide on, and boom, you’re good to go. The Mirzon grip modules come with the magazine release, so no worries there.

Once installed, you are rock solid and ready to go!

Mirzon Grip and Fit

Mirzon changes the grip texture up entirely for the Enhanced Grip Module. Instead of just installing an aggressive grip texture, Mirzon utilized a sticky grip texture. It’s rubberized and really clings to your hand as you grip the gun. These rubberized pads sit on the front and back of your weapon and greet your hand.

The beavertail is 1911 sized and absolutely massive overall. This big boy curves around your hand and encourages a nice high grip on the gun. Under the trigger guard sits a nice undercut that does encourage that rock-solid, very high grip. High grips equal more control, but more on that later.

The Enhanced Grip Module feels amazing in hand and allows you to have a good solid grip on the gun. It’s both comfy and secure, and the combination of those two makes it perfect for combative shooting and concealed carry.

At the Range

The big claim that the Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module can reduce recoil seemed mighty crazy to me. How can a polymer grip change how the weapon recoils? Well, maybe it’s because the enhanced grip texture, high beavertail, and trigger guard undercut allow you to exert an extreme degree of control. I approached the recoil reduction aspect cautiously and ensured I paid attention to the recoil impulse.

At first shot, I found that the Mirzon delivered less recoil and muzzle rise. The difference is significant and easy to detect. The good high grip and grip texture make a difference. Lower recoil creates more control, and more control makes the weapon easier to handle and faster to shoot accurately.

A good grip goes a long way, and with the Mirzon grip module, you can dispense lead quicker with less of an accuracy penalty. While inherent accuracy might not be increased, practical accuracy is surely increased due to the lower recoil.

Drills were never easier, and I could brute force my way through failure to stop, box drills, and more with ease. The difference the Mirzon made is noticeable and very easy to appreciate. You mix the Mirzon with a red dot optic, and you’ll feel incredibly capable in the accuracy and speed department.

The Mirzon grip module has become my go-to for Steel Challenge matches. It reduces recoil, enhances control, and helps me par down my times.

Round After Round

I have some good news for you guys. The Mirzon grip module doesn’t require you to get a specialized holster. It will work with standard SIG P320 rigs and does without complaint. Additionally, the grip module can work with SIG’s tungsten weight and magwell for competition purposes.

Additionally, the grip module is compatible with SIG’s 17 round magazines but can work with 15 round magazines if you purchase Mirzon’s magazine baseplates. These slightly thinner baseplates allow those more compact magazines to squeeze into place. If you are rocking and rolling with the M17 or M18 models with the manual safety, the Mirzon can come cut for a safety as well.

Slide wise the weapon works with compact and full-size slides, not compatible with the subcompact slides or X-Compact slides. Also, this grip frame works with 9mm and 40 S&W, sorry, 45 ACP guys and gals.

The beauty of a grip upgrade is it doesn’t change the rest of the gun, so finding holsters is still a breeze.

Going Mirzon

The Mirzon Enhanced Grip module comes ready to rock and roll. Installation is easy, and the reduced recoil and increased control make it well worth the investment. The Enhanced Grip Module does a fantastic job of being a grip module and providing you enhanced control over your firearm and it’s one of my favorite new pieces of gun kit. Modularity often drives a weapon forward, and I think we have the first example of modularity driving the P320 forward.


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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms-based hobbies.




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  1. I was wondering if you have one of these grip modules for the P320 Full size pistols? I have a Sig P320 X-VTAC that I would absolutely love to mount on to one of these groups. If not is there modifications I could do to make this work with a full-size pistol that carries the 17 to 21 round magazines?

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