P320 vs P365: SIG Sauer P320 Compact vs. Sig Sauer P365, a Comparison

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SIG has a lot of great semi-automatic pistols and the P365 & P320 Compact are two of their most popular for Concealed Carry!

SIG Sauer has an amazing line of firearms; long guns, full-size handguns, compact, sub-compact, and micro-compact guns – and they’re all fantastically popular.

While SIG models vary from category to category, I’ve seen many gun owners and prospective buyers specifically weighing the SIG Sauer P365 against the P320 Compact – not to be confused with the XCompact… or the Sub-Compact.

When you consider all your options, it can get rather confusing! Within the P365 family, you have the P365, SAS, XL, and XL Romeo. And then you have the P320 family, including the P320 Full-Size, Carry, Compact, Sub-Compact, M-17, M-18, RX Full Size, RX Compact, Sub Compact with Rail, and more!
P320 vs P365

Let’s take a look at how the P365 and P320 Compact compare!

P320 vs P365: From the Outside

With so many SIGs to choose from, I understand why the topic of P320 Compact vs. P365 comes up so often. Both semi-automatic striker-fired pistols start with a “P” followed by a number in the 300’s, both are designed for concealed carry, and both are available in 9mm.

But the similarities pretty much end there.
P320 vs P365

Size Matters When Comparing P320 vs P365

The most notable difference between the two guns is size. While the SIG Sauer Company built both guns for carry, they approach the subject in drastically different ways.

The P365 is near pocket pistol sized and the P320 Compact is smaller than most duty pistols. The P320 Compact comes from the Glock 19-sized school of designing compact firearms.
P320 vs P365

The P365 is lighter by 8 ounces, nearly 2 inches shorter, and a half-inch thinner. Seeing them side by side is what sells you on the differences between the two practically straight away. If a side by side comparison doesn’t do it, holstering and donning them for carry most certainly will. The P365, by its very nature, is more comfortable to conceal carry.

The P320 Compact is harder to carry but easier to shoot. The larger Compact frame gives you more gun to grip, and the more gun you can grip, the better you’ll shoot. It also features an M1913 Accessory Rail – which is a major determining factor for a lot of handgun shoppers these days.

Caliber and Capacity: P320 Compact vs P365

If you take the P365 route, you’re stuck with 9mm while the P320 Compact offers 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG as caliber options.
P320 vs P365The larger P320 Compact predictably holds more rounds than the P365, and more rounds are often better than fewer rounds, right? The P365 gets close with its 15 round extended magazine, but the P320 Compact can carry up to 21 rounds.

Rails and Accessories for Sig Sauer P320 vs P365

The P320 Compact has an excellent Picatinny rail that allows you to mount a light, laser, or training device to it. As a fan of weapon-mounted lights, the rail definitely makes a difference.

The P365 has a proprietary rail that will only fit certain accessories. As a smaller gun, the size of what you can equip to it is somewhat limited.
P320 vs P365

P320 vs P365: Which for Who?

Which gun should you choose? Well, I can’t necessarily answer that question for you, but I can present to you the questions you need to ask yourself.

If concealment the biggest priority, choose the P365. From IWB to Ankle Carry, the P365 handily beats the competition.

If shootability is the biggest priority, choose the P320 Compact. Still easy to carry Inside the Waistband, this beefy pistol allows for a more solid grip for larger hands.

New to concealed carry? You will likely be more successful with the easier-to-carry P365 in a CrossBreed Reckoning holster.
P320 vs P365
But, if you’re looking for a gun that can easily transition from concealed carry to home defense, then go with the P320 Compact.

The Good News

The good news for everyone is that both guns have been proven to be fantastic self-defense firearms! The SIG P320 Compact and SIG P365 are both reliable, accurate, and well-made.

To make good news great, you can easily find an expansive line of quality handcrafted  P365 holsters and P320 Compact holsters in pretty much any way you’d like to carry!

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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms-based hobbies.



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22 thoughts on “P320 vs P365: SIG Sauer P320 Compact vs. Sig Sauer P365, a Comparison”

  1. Frank StClair

    My wife and I couldn’t decide between them, so we purchased several of each. I have a 365 SAS, a standard, and an XL NRA edition. I use and carry them all in different situations and wardrobe choices. My wife wouldn’t be without her 320 X Compact, flat trigger. She finds it extremely accurate, and is able to conceal it well in a purse with two 21 round mags. I can’t wait until Sig comes out with a P365 AXG, with an alloy frame. That would make the gun about perfect. I’d gladly give up the weight for reduced felt recoil. BTW, the AXG and AXG Scorpions are both big hits with me. Those guns are shooters! Of course, I’m biased. I’ve been a Sig guy since I bought a CPO West German 226 a couple of decades ago. It’s long gone, but a number of 226’s replace it.

  2. I have the wonderful privilege of owning a P320 full size, compact, and subcompact. I love the fact that I only need 1 FCU to switch between each configuration. They are all enjoyable to shoot and for just putting holes in paper they are equally good. For Concealed Carry I prefer the Subcompact with magazines for the Compact. The extra length for my hand with the Compact Magazine gives me a little bit better control. The Subcompact is definitely my favorite.

  3. You drew several points on both guns some positive for the 365 and some for the 320compact. The one poing you dodn’t address which may or not for either gun is the price.

    1. They are comparable in price. With the basic models of each, there’s about $100 or less difference. The 365 TacPac offers the better bang for the buck w/3, 12 round magazines & an ambidextrous, L or R handed holster for the same price as the 320…depending on the retailer…generally, 5 large & 99 small, again, depending on the retailer.

  4. I have owned both, but for me the lower bore axis and the better grip on the 365 make it a no brainer for me… If sig were to improve the rear corner grip issues on the 320 compact it would be a hard call… as it stands now, living in the desert and shooting outside for any prolonged period of time my hand has to readjust a bit more on the 320 x compact than i like. And i do grip it tight and effectively.

  5. I carry a Walther PDP 5” compact which has a15 round magazine. There may be situations where the longer sight radius is important. I have had Sig a number of Sig pistols over the years, however the take down lever is a pain in the neck.
    I have found I shoot Walther PDPs and PPQs with more accuracy than Sigs, Glocks, S&Ws, CZs, etc. The trigger is about as good as they come out of the box. While the PDP 5” is a larger pistol, I feel more confident should I have to use it .

    1. Anthony, not to disagree much, but I believe it was Jeff Cooper who said, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”
      Well, he and my instructor at sniper school. They both said that. My sniper instructor also said, “Son, only the best things on earth are produced under pressure. Snipers under my command and diamonds.” He was joking about the pressure either. Great man, but also a major PITA! LMAO!

  6. Phillip Pressnell

    I have owned all of these but my favorite is still the 365 sub compact. Size is great price not to bad and I love the way it shoots !

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  9. I bought my first Sig, a P239 in .357 Sig about 25 years ago and still have it. Great gun for concealed carry. Added to the stable a P229 Elite in .357 Sig, a P229 Legion in 9mm, a P220 Elite in 45 ACP, a P365 TacPac 9mm and most recently a P320 AXG Scorpion 9mm with a Romeo Pro Red Dot. Still getting used to it.
    I carry the P365 the most and it is easy to shoot and accurate.
    I really prefer the P229 Elite over all of them but it is pretty heavy for all day carry.

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