10 New Rifles from Shot Show

10 New Rifles from SHOT Show that Pack a Punch

Kenzie Fitzpatrick takes us through her favorite new rifles introduced at SHOT Show 2022.

From bolt action to semi-automatics, there were quite a few new rifles from SHOT Show 2022. While this review is focused on completely built rifles, there were a few chassis systems that we can’t fail to mention as well.

1. Seekins Precision Havak HIT

To say Seekins Precision’s new Havak HIT rifle is impressive is a massive understatement. If you’re a hunter, long-range enthusiast, or precision rifle shooter, you’re going to want to take a look at this gun. One of the most unique features of this rifle is the quick-change barrel and bolt head system. With just one torque screw, you can take the current barrel off, put a new barrel on, ONLY hand tighten it, and it has guaranteed headspace. Mind blown already? There’s more.

To make life even easier for shooters, Seekins Precision designed a toolless bolt system. In just two minutes and using one screwdriver, you can go from a non-magnum caliber shooting rifle to a magnum caliber. The next best feature about the Havak HIT is the adjustable magazine release. No matter what type of magazines you run, you can adjust the height of the magazine latch to fit the mag system you plan to use. Gone are the days when you are limited to only being able to run a particular magazine in a gun.

The cheek weld and length of pull are both toolless fully adjustable. The stock folds to the right instead of to the left that most manufacturers typically do. When the stock folds in, it locks the bolt handle in place creating a narrower profile than the stocks that fold to the left. Now, when you go to sling this rifle, you aren’t having anything poking into your back. Lastly, the dust cover can be activated with the bolt open or closed, so if you’re in less than optimal conditions, you can protect your chamber from debris and dust. This rifle could very well be the last you need to buy to perform several different duties.


  • AR-style vertical grip
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • R700 trigger compatibility
  • Timney elite trigger set at 2.5 pounds and is adjustable
  • Integrated 20MOA Picatinny rail
  • Carbon fiber cheek piece
  • Barricade stop
  • Optional Arca Swiss rail designed specifically for HIT chassis

MSRP: $2100

Upgrade options: Second barrel – $400 Second bolt head – $99

2. MDT ACC Elite Chassis System

MDT has been prototyping a second version of the ACC Chassis system, which will be released as the MDT ACC Elite Chassis. While the new version is not a complete rebuild, MDT made quite a few minor upgrades to the chassis that make life that much easier for hunters, precision rifle competitors, and long-range rifle shooters.

Two of the upgrades made by MDT are an adjustable magazine release for height and an adjustable magwell to loosen or tighten to your specific magazines. The thumb shelf will be utterly adjustable in any way you need to fit your thumb placement. These three upgrades can genuinely help a shooter customize the gun to them. MDT also designed a quick-adjust for the length of pull and comb. They also added a bag rider in the back to be a straight-line design, so the buttstock doesn’t drop down. This keeps the recoil going straight back. Lastly, they added a little bit more material to the chassis to increase weight distribution.

For more details on the new Chassis, check out the VP Precision podcast interviewing Kyle Van Ruitenburg from MDT.


  • Adjustable mag release
  • Adjustable magwell for magazine retention
  • Bag Rider
  • Completely adjustable thumb rest
  • Quick-adjust length of pull and comb

MSRP: TBD with release later this summer

3. 51Fifty Evolve Rifle

51Fifty’s Evolve Rifle is by far the most innovative of the new rifles from SHOT Show 2022. Gone are the days of take-down pins. Their new patent-pending lower design uses a rapid action cam that rotates 180 degrees to disassemble the upper from the lower. The cam pin has a spring plunger that you can set from 2.7 to 7.1 pounds (meaning over 14PSI on your rapid action cam) so you can set it up as light or as tight as you prefer.

51Fifty’s rifle can be set up in 9mm and swap over to .40 cal and 357 sig on the same lower. Their AR-15 rifle lower can go from 5.56 to 300 Blackout just by swiveling the rapid action cam and dropping the new upper on it. 51Fifty has also improved the AR-15 lower by shortening the magwell on it and allowing users to adjust the tension on the safety to customize it to their preference. Out of all the new rifles from SHOT Show 2022, this is one I have my eye on.


  • 180-degree rotating rapid action cam (RAC)
  • Adjustable safety tension and RAC tension
  • Upper has a built-in optic mount

MSRP: $1800 base model (Includes a hard case)

Orders ship in 6-8 weeks 

4. Magpul PRO 700 Lite SA rifle stock

While not technically a rifle, Magpul made some noise this year dropping their new 700 Lite SA rifle stock. All short action Remington 700 and other short action Remington 700 footprints are compatible with this one chassis. It is also compatible with both left and right-handed actions with an ambidextrous magazine release.

Magul designed their chassis to be optimized for their PMAG magazines and other AICS pattern short action magazines. Another neat feature is being able to swap grips to the shooter’s preference.


  • 4.4 pounds
  • Length of pull adjustability
  • Low-profile rubber butt-pad is adjustable for height and cant
  • Vertical grip can be adjusted for various trigger reaches
  • Fully ambidextrous at the swap of a bolt retainer plate

MSRP: $599.95

5. Winchester Xpert 22 LR

This little guy was probably my favorite gun to shoot out of the new rifles from SHOT Show. If you enjoy shooting .22’s, this rifle is as fun as they get. Winchester designed a new rimfire M.O.A. trigger, a three-lever design with zero creep, take-up, and over travel. The trigger pull will surprise you. When it comes to .22 ammunition, it can be a challenge to find what works in most firearms. With the Xpert 22 LR, there is improved reliability with rimfire ammo because of its hemispherical firing pin. During the time I spent shooting and watching others shoot the rifle at the Winchester booth, not a single malfunction occurred.

There is an adjustable rear sight if you prefer irons, but the receiver is also drilled and tapped to accept scope mounts. One of the better features of this gun is the extended bolt handle. This just makes it that much easier to find and reload the next round. The magazine release is ambidextrous on both the sides and bottom of the rifle, which was super neat to try out. I actually ended up preferring the side release. Lastly, there is a length of pull spacer you can add to lengthen the stock as well as a clip-on cheek riser if you need a little more height to see through your scope.


  • Durable steel receiver is drilled and tapped for optics mounts
  • Precision button-rifled barrel with recessed target crown and Bentz-style chamber
  • Extended bolt handle
  • Molded polymer stock with front and rear sling eyelets, Picatinny rail on underside of forearm (includes rail cover)
  • New, adjustable three lever Rimfire M.O.A Trigger
  • Adjustable rear sight and ramped post front sight
  • 10-round rotary magazine
  • Ambidextrous magazine releases using side-mounted rails or release tab
  • Accepts aftermarket 10/22 magazines

MSRP: $319.99

6. Bergara MG LITE

Bergara makes great precision rifles from .22LR to 6.5 Creedmore. One of the new rifles from SHOT Show was the Bergara MG Lite. The most innovative aspect of the new MG Lite rifle is the CURE carbon fiber barrel with coldbore technology. Bergara wrapped heir precision carrel with thermally conductive resin and anti-torsion carbon fiber with integrated stainless steel threads. This barrel is capable of dissipating heat quickly from consecutive shots, all while being lightweight, rigid, and keeping accuracy.

Bergara didn’t just cut weight in the barrel. The chassis has a carbon-fiber pistol grip and adjustable cheek riser on a folding stock, creating an ultra-lightweight chassis. Bergara also integrated a bubble level and Arca-Swiss dovetail machined into the fore-end which allows compatibility with Arca tripods. Whether you’re a precision competitive shooter or a long-distance hunter, this rifle will perform well in either scenario.


  • #6 C6 Carbon Fiber Barrel with Coldbore Technology
  • XLR Magnesium chassis with folding stock
  • Premier Series action
  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • AICS Style magazine
  • Omni Muzzle Brake

The MGLite will be available in the following chamberings:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 6.5 PRC
  • 308 Winchester
  • 300 Win Mag

MSRP: 3,299.00

7. Smith & Wesson Volunteer

Smith & Wesson released the new Volunteer Series modern sporting rifles platform. There are a few models to choose from with a variety of options to select from including state compliance options, optic ready, engraving, and more. This gives customers the ability to semi-customize the rifle to them and follow all state compliance laws. In terms of innovation, this gun doesn’t offer anything that others aren’t already doing.


  • BCMGunfighter forend with M-LOK
  • Flat-faced trigger
  • Gas block with integral Picatinny-style rail
  • QD sling swivel attachment point (Bottom of gas block)
  • B5 Systems Bravo Stock
  • B5 Systems P-Grip 23 pistol grip
  • Forged, integral trigger guard

MSRP: $1049.00 (base model)

8. Browning X-Bolt Speed Rifle

Browning released a bolt action rifle that comes in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths. One of the interesting features of this rifle is the X-bolt is free-floated which helps maintain barrel to stock spacing for consistent accuracy. Browning designed a new three-level Feather Trigger for the X-Bolt rifle. The trigger is adjustable and can be set from 3 to 5 lbs.

Browning was very detail-oriented about improving the optic mounting system on the rifle. The X-Bolt speed rifle uses the X-Lock scope mounting system that uses four screws at all four corners to replace the two-screw traditional model. This system secures the optic better, which can improve accuracy. The speed at which you reload a cartridge can mean the difference between harvesting an animal or winning a stage in a competition. Browning’s X-Bolt rifle uses a 60 degree bolt for easier and faster operation.


  • Rotary Magazine feeds cartridges directly in line with the bolt
  • Bolt unlock button allows the bolt to be unlocked and opened with the safety in the on safe position
  • 60° bolt lift
  • 6 lbs
  • Suppressor ready
  • Fluted sporter weight barrel

Browning X-Bolt will be available in the following offerings:

  • 204 Ruger • 18″
  • 223 Rem • 18″
  • 22-250 Rem • 18″
  • 6.5 Creedmoor • 18″
  • 308 Win • 18″
  • 6.5 PRC • 20″
  • 6.8 WESTERN • 20″
  • 7mm Rem Mag • 22″
  • 28 Nosler • 18″
  • 300 Win Mag • 22″
  • 300 PRC • 22″

MSRP: 1,379.99 – $1,459.99

9. Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout Rifle

Christensen Arms is known for its modern sporting rifles, left-handed rifles, but most importantly, its bolt action rifles. If you’re familiar with the Ridgeline rifle, the Ridgeline Scout is a spin-off of that model in a more compact model. Christensen Arms advertises a sub-moa guarantee on the Ridgeline Scout Rifle.

This rifle features a 0-MOA optic rail and a flat-shot TriggerTech trigger. The barrel has a removable 3-prong flash hider and allows for the use of a suppressor instead. This rifle starts at just 5.9 lbs and is available in different calibers.


  • Skeletonized Bolt Handle
  • Oversized Tactical Bolt Knob
  • TriggerTech Flat-Shoe Trigger
  • AICS®-Compatible Detachable Magazine
  • Tactical-Mag Release
  • 0-MOA Rail
  • Aerograde Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel

Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout Rifle is available in the following offerings:

  • 300 BLK-16 in.
  • 223 Rem-16 in.
  • 6.5 CRD-16 in.
  • 308 Win-16 in.

MSRP: $2,199.99

10. CZ 600 Range

CZ dropped an entire line of new rifles from SHOT Show 2022. While the series includes a variety of models, I checked out the CZ 600 Range. To start out, the stock on this model has QD sockets on each side, a toolless adjustable cheek riser, and a pic rail for monopod mounting. These features are beneficial for hunting big game and setting up the gun for you.

One of the best features in my opinion is the ability to adjust the trigger without removing the stock. This patent-pending design allows the shooter to rotate the 4-position dial to change the trigger weight from between 1.3 and 3 lbs. CZ also advertises a sub ¾ MOA guarantee at 100 meters, 5 shot group with match-grade factory ammo. This gun comes suppressor-ready and is easy to change calibers.


  • 5 round magazine
  • Drilled and tapped for Remington 700 bases
  • 24 in barrel
  • Adjustable single-stage trigger
  • 10 lbs

MSRP: $1,199


With all the options of new chassis systems and new rifles from SHOT Show 2022, you can get set up for virtually anything from hunting to competitive shooting.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting, and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to concealed carry and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment.





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