The Dual Nature of Off-Body Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is a topic that sparks debates among firearm enthusiasts and those concerned with personal safety. One aspect of this conversation revolves around choosing between on-body and off-body concealed carry. On-body carry is ideal because the gun is always with you. However, on-body carry is sometimes impossible because of wardrobe or situational considerations. Off-body carry, while providing certain advantages, comes with its own set of drawbacks. Let’s delve into the benefits and drawbacks of off-body concealed carry and a way to make off-body carry a little easier.

Benefits of Off-Body Concealed Carry

Comfort and Fashion Flexibility

Off-body carry allows individuals to carry their firearms in a bag, purse, or dedicated holster bag, offering more comfort than on-body options. This flexibility in carrying methods can be particularly beneficial for individuals who find on-body holsters uncomfortable or impractical with their chosen attire.

It also may be your only option when concealing firearms while wearing different types of clothing, such as pants without a belt or a dress, skirt, or yoga pants for the ladies. This method accommodates a broader range of wardrobe choices, making it easier for individuals to integrate concealed carry into their daily lives without sacrificing style or comfort.


Depending on the design of the off-body carry solution, accessing a firearm can be quicker and more discreet than on-body options. Dedicated concealed carry bags often have specially designed compartments, allowing for efficient and secure firearm retrieval in critical situations. Whatever sort of bag you carry in, be sure the gun is inside a holster inside the bag. Don’t leave it flopping around inside where something could accidentally trip the trigger.

Increased Firearm Options

Off-body carry permits using a wider variety of firearms, as individuals are not constrained by the need for specific holsters or clothing to accommodate on-body carry. This versatility allows users to choose firearms that suit their preferences and needs, offering a more customized approach to personal defense.

Drawbacks of Off-Body Concealed Carry

Security Concerns

Off-body carry introduces the risk of the firearm being separated from the carrier, either accidentally or through theft. Purses and bags can be snatched, and individuals may inadvertently leave them unattended, jeopardizing the security of the firearm.

Retrieval Challenges

In high-stress situations, retrieving a firearm from an off-body carry solution can present challenges. Fumbling through a bag or purse may take precious seconds, potentially impacting the effectiveness of the response in a self-defense scenario.

Carry a gun on your body, not in a bag

Loss of Control

Unlike on-body carry, off-body methods can result in a loss of physical control over the firearm. If the carrier is disarmed or the bag is taken, the assailant gains control of the weapon. This potential loss of control raises safety concerns and underscores the importance of proper training for those opting for off-body carry.

Limited Concealment in Close Quarters

Off-body carry may become less effective in crowded or confined spaces. The potential for others to inadvertently come into contact with the concealed firearm increases, heightening the risk of discovery and compromising the element of surprise.

The CrossBreed Pac Mat’s Versatility

In the realm of off-body concealed carry, the CrossBreed Pac Mat stands out as a versatile solution designed to address some drawbacks of this method. This innovative product combines the benefits of off-body carry with features that enhance security and accessibility.

The Pac Mat features a dedicated firearm compartment with a secure retention strap, minimizing the risk of accidental firearm displacement. This adds an extra layer of safety to off-body carry, addressing the security concerns associated with traditional purses or bags.

Moreover, the Pac Mat incorporates a quick-access design, allowing rapid and efficient firearm retrieval. This feature mitigates one of the major drawbacks of off-body carry, ensuring users can respond swiftly to potential threats.

Choosing between on-body and off-body concealed carry is a deeply personal decision that hinges on individual preferences, lifestyle, and comfort. While off-body carry provides certain advantages, carriers must be aware of the associated drawbacks and take steps to mitigate potential risks.


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David Workman is an avid gun guy and a contributing writer to several major gun publications. As an NRA-certified instructor, David trains new shooters on basic handgun skills and CCW requirements and is a strong advocate for training as much as possible. “Real-life shootouts don’t happen at a box range.”



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