GX4 Carry Pistol

Taurus GX4 Carry Review

One of the more recent firearms from Taurus is the GX4 Carry 9mm pistol. You might remember our review of the GX4, but this gun is quite the upgrade from its predecessor. I’ve been impressed lately with some of the new Taurus offerings and how in tune they’ve become with market demands to include higher-capacity concealed handguns and optics-ready guns straight from the manufacturer. It’s taken years for manufacturers to keep up with trends and the demands of customers, whereas Taurus has listened and taken this feedback to develop what the people want! In this review, I will dive into the all-new Taurus GX4 Carry.

What’s in the Taurus GX4 Carry Box?

Taurus has a very nice presentation for the GX4 Carry pistol. The gun comes in a locking hard case that makes it easy to transport to and from the range. They also include two 15-round magazines, which is perfect for carrying daily: one in the gun and one spare magazine. There are three different size backstraps that come with the gun – small, medium, and large, to ensure the pistol fits your hand size. They also included a mini keychain that can act as a screwdriver or a punch as well.

What's in the Taurus GX4 Carry box

Let me tell you a little bit about why this gun excites me and is a major step up from the original GX4 pistol.

Taurus Optics Ready Option (T.O.R.O.)

I have a strong opinion that guns should come optics-ready from the manufacturer and give the customer the choice to add a red dot optic at any point in time without having to buy an all-new “optic-ready” handgun. The Taurus GX4 Carry allows users to mount the Holosun K-series footprint and similar mounting style red dot optics to this pistol. This is an upgrade from the GX4 Carry that didn’t come outfitted with the T.O.R.O. design. One thing to note when ordering a holster is to ensure it is “optic cut” to fit the gun if you choose to mount a red dot to the pistol.

Accessory Rail

Another upgrade from the original GX4 pistol is the accessory rail. The Picatinny rail is compatible with a plethora of aftermarket lasers and lights. There are three slots to set the gun up properly with whichever model light or laser you go with. Another friendly reminder is if you attach a light or laser to the Taurus GX4 Carry pistol, ensure you order a compatible holster to fit.

GX4 Carry Pistol

15 Round Capacity

The Taurus GX4 Carry has a capacity of 15+1 rounds. This truly set Taurus apart when they went for a higher capacity concealed carry pistol. Many manufacturers are trying to reach these higher capacities without sacrificing concealability. The frame of the GX4 Carry is impressively slim despite it holding 15 rounds, making it an optimal everyday carry handgun.

Taurus GX4 Carry with defensive ammunition

I tried a variety of ammunition through the GX4 Carry, including hollow point defensive ammunition and full metal jacket training ammunition. It performed well with the various types of ammunition. Some of my favorite defensive ammos are Super Vel 9mm +P 115 gr. SCHP, Hornady Black 9mm 124 gr XTP, and Federal Premium’s Personal Defense Punch 9mm 124 grain. These ran great and all perform a little differently through the GX4 Carry pistol. No matter what ammunition you choose to carry, always test fire your handgun with the defensive ammunition before carrying it to ensure it runs reliably through your gun.

Flat Face Trigger

It doesn’t matter what gun I’m shooting – my PCC, mag-fed shotgun, rifle, or 2011, I prefer a flat trigger. I always have and probably always will. One of the features I truly love about the GX4 Carry is the flat-face serrated trigger. Not only does it feel good, but it’s just a more natural pull to me than curved triggers. There is also a trigger safety built into the gun, so without depressing the center part of the trigger shoe, the gun won’t fire. Taurus also included a striker block and a visual loaded chamber indicator for extra safety precautions.

Pulling the trigger on the Taurus GX4 carry

Taurus GX4 Carry Range Test

I have half a dozen carry guns these days that I teach with and switch out based on outfits or weather that I really wasn’t expecting to find another I would be interested in carrying. The Taurus GX4 Carry was sort of a surprise pistol to me. I got to shoot it at an event, and I was surprised by how ergonomically comfortable it is to hold, how easy it is to control the felt recoil, and how well it shoots on target. I really dislike compact handguns for how snappy they can be and how hard they can be to hang on to. For the most part, the time of year and clothing really dictate what gun I’m going to carry for that time period. Most full-size handguns, for me, don’t conceal as easily as the slender, smaller handguns. I’ve been switching between two 12-round capacity handguns I like, but having even three extra rounds in the GX4 Carry is something that can make a difference to me. As I mentioned earlier, I tested out a variety of ammunition types and bullet grains of 9mm to see what the Taurus GX4 Carry liked, and surprisingly, the 115-grain and 124-grain were the winners of that test. It was good to try all types of ammunition and to get some reps behind the gun before making the decision to carry it.

Shooting the Taurus GX4 Carry


I am excited to put some more rounds down range with this pistol and give it a whirl concealed carrying on the daily. I think it is one of the best concealable handguns without sacrificing capacity. I know Taurus for years didn’t have the best reputation for reliability, but in recent years, they’ve made massive improvements with all their guns, the most noticeable with their semi-automatic handguns. I love it when I go to shoot a gun with no interest in it, and it ends up being a gun that surprises me and makes me want to spend more time with it. The Taurus GX4 Carry was one of those guns that I just couldn’t put down and wanted more time with.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to carry concealed and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment. Kenzie is also the host of the Reticle Up Podcast, where she interviews competitive shooters, hunters, anglers, archers, entrepreneurs, and outdoorsmen.


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