Sig Sauer P365XL – the New Glock 19 Replacement?

Sig’s P365XL may soon overtake the venerable Glock 19 as the most popular concealed carry gun on the market. Here’s why.

There used to be a time when I would suggest the Glock 19 as one of the best first guns. It was easy to shoot, affordable, easy to find, and rode a fine line between shootability and concealability. Most people don’t approach life with firearms wanting to buy five guns for five different tasks. Most want a single firearm that can accomplish multiple tasks. In 2022, I no longer suggest the Glock 19. I suggest the P365XL. Today, I’m going to give you why.

The P365XL Is Easy To Shoot

Are you scared of recoil? Have trouble controlling muzzle rise? Well, then the P365XL is for you. While it’s compact, the 3.7-inch barrel and longer grip do give you more control over the gun overall. It’s quite nice and very easy to handle. I suggest the XL over the standard P365 for first-time gun owners because it’s easier to shoot. It’s not snappy and won’t hurt your hand or be difficult to control.

It’s a very easy shooting gun that’s also quite accurate. I can hit steel gong targets out to 50 yards with little difficulty. I get a little more practice than most, but it shows how easy the gun is to handle and to shoot accurately. It’s just the right size to be easy to handle and soft shooting. Even beginners won’t have a hard time utilizing the P365XL.

Out of the Box Ready

When I used to suggest the Glock, I’d tell people to buy the gun, and swap out the sights and call it a day. Plastic sights suck, and the SIG comes with nice metal sights. They are even night sights that promise you engagement capabilities in any light conditions. You don’t have to make any upgrades to have a fantastic gun.

Besides the sights, the trigger is absolutely fantastic and needs no upgrade. The grip is grippy with an aggressive texture that makes it easy to hold onto and handle. No need for Talon grips. All you really need to buy is a good holster. I suggest the Drop slide personally, but the Reckoning delivers a great IWB experience.

You Can Toss On Modern Accessories

The P365XL works fine out of the box, and it’s good to go as is. However, the P365XL can also be outfitted with modern accessories to increase its potential. The P365XL can utilize an optic and comes cut from the factory for the RSMc shield optic. A red dot allows you to extend your effective range, your speed, and accuracy. It also eliminates short sight radius issues.

Beyond that, the newest Streamlight TLR-7 SUB allows you to have a powerful weapon light that delivers a ton of performance for its small size. The little TLR-7 SUB is perfect for home defense where you want a weapon-mounted light to allow you to establish positive identification with a single hand.

Great for Concealed Carry and Home Defense

The P365XL can utilize both 12 and 15-round magazines. The 12-rounder makes a ton of sense for concealed carry and delivers a flush-fitting magazine for a smaller profile. When you go for a home defense setup, the 15-round magazine gives you the same capacity as a Glock 19. It can easily serve double duty as both a concealed carry pistol and home defense firearm.

Add on the easy-to-control nature and the ability to accessorize with lights and optics, and you get a fantastic firearm for multiple roles. It’s a compact firearm that offers substantial firepower. Heck, add in the MagGuts +2 springs, and you can fit an additional two rounds in your 15-round magazine. Now you have a full-sized capacity in your compact gun.

The P365XL Rules

If you are looking for a great handgun to serve multiple roles, then the P365XL fits the bill. It’s a fantastic firearm that offers you small size for concealed carry purposes but enough firepower and control for home defense. The little P365XL rocks, and if you are looking for your first gun, then the P365XL gets my nod. Let us know what you think below!


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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms-based hobbies.




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12 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P365XL – the New Glock 19 Replacement?”

  1. I bought my p365so a little over a year ago and unless they stop making 9mm ammo I will never give it up. I love it! Recently added a Sig Romeo zero red dot and it shoots even better for me.

  2. I bought the 365XL Romeo Zero, (I Did change the Romeo zero out for a holosun 407k X2) I love my XL for all the reasons listed above! It’s so carry friendly. So well balanced that the 15rd mag doesn’t even come close to feeling like 15rds. Full size or micro my 365XL is my new favorite go to pistol! Really makes me want to get a 320! Haha. Crossbreed belts are my favorite belt all time! Sorry had to brag on y’all a little!

  3. Another 9mm mouse gun? After 28 years on active duty I’m a guy looking for a 40 cal or better. Convince me I’m wrong.

    1. I have 4 different models of the P365.
      I still carry the first one I bought with Sig night sights and a Crossbreed Supertuck. (Best and most comfortable holster I have ever owned) just have to get past the break in period.
      Best most reliable CCW carry piece I have ever owned.
      10,000 plus rounds through it with almost no maintenance except for cleaning and wiping all the dust off from my dusty ranch in Vegas. I carry this thing almost 24 hours a day. Already set up in my belt with my pants for the next morning. I carry it from the time I wake up until the time I lay my head down. Like I said, never had a concealable firearm that was this perfect for the job. Just FYI retired Leo from Commiefornia.
      You want a testimonial?
      I shoot a 3 shoot 1” group (2 in chest) in 4 seconds from 19:30 concealed behind a shirt.
      7 yards out 24” Silhouette 2 to the chest one to head.
      I will say once you carry this and practice with it you will never use anything else.
      My Glock 21 is ready to roll at night while I’m sleeping. That green guide rod laser will scare the crap out of anybody in the house or on the property.

  4. James Kersten

    Hi all, yes I bought a p365 some years ago when they first became “ the latest and greatest “ I liked the mag payload and had the slide milled for a red dot, I have shot small sub compacts and they were never something I would want to rely on, just not comfortable in the hand. The little Sig is vary shootable, I just like the pistol, I did do a trigger upgrade and replaced the stock striker. I carry it daily when not at work and I’m confident in my ability. Just love the little Sig

  5. Except for the .22s most of my handguns are .40 S&W, and I prefer that caliber for EDC. I went to my local gun store intending to get a different pistol, and, on a whim, asked to see the XL. The one I was originally looking at was ok, but the XL was just perfect, and I am quite happy that I got it instead of the other one.

  6. Mr. Bagworm: though I prefer 40 cal since I first bought a S&W 4006 model in CA after retiring from the service, I don’t believe I’m an unfair guy or lack objectivity. I bought the 4006 when I did because it was the California Highway Patrol issue sidearm and was highly rated. It didn’t disappoint me. But the next time I’m at the Nellis AFB BX gunshop (LV, NV) I’ll check out the Sig. Who knows? I may just decide to buy it unless the Biden Administration has something on me that I don’t know about!

  7. I actually have this same opinion of the M&P Shield Plus. I believe it and the 365XL are the two new “Goldilocks guns” replacing the G19 and other comparable sidearms.

    1. When I wanted a 9 mm I had narrowed it down to the Sig P365XL or the S&W Shield Plus. I liked them both! I finally chose the Shield Plus because it just seemed to fit a little better in my hand (and was about $100 cheaper). I don’t regret my choice but would have loved the chance to shoot them both before deciding.

  8. I recently purchased a P320 M18 in FDE and have been quite satisfied with its performance with the Sig Romeo red dot sight system and Talon grips. I have a safe full of Glocks, and my primary duty weapon is a Glock Mod 19 Gen 4. Both the Sig and the Glock are clearly durable, accurate, and comfortable carried weapons. I personally prefer the notchy trigger reset on the Glock, and the Sig is a bit pricey in comparison. I also found the Sig’s molded stippling a bit tame, hence easily added Talon particulate grips. In terms of supporting accessories for the Sig, I purchased a Craft custom leather OWB holster specifically designed for the Romeo optics system. The FDE slide on the Sig is surprisingly showing holster rub marks. Beyond those minor gripes, the Sig is a fine pistol.

  9. Great sigs are ok but I like my Glock 19 gen 5. Also I’m not rich I can’t buy the gun of the month, they put a new model every few weeks. Not going to change if I’m happy.

    1. Same here, Ron Oak. As a retired guy I’m living on a fixed income that very rarely goes up any at all. DC politicians can afford any number of guns that they want at any time from their Wall Street insider trading money, bribes and skimming off of their political donation money. But folks like you and I have to be selective and not just drop money on any new chippie strolling down the street, shaking her assets around. My 40 cal Glock is doing me great and has done so since 2017. I’ll be very choosy before I dig around in my pocket for $600 – $800 for the latest, greatest gun just coming on the market.

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