The internet has been ablaze with the release of the all-new Glock 48 and Glock 43x just prior to Shot Show 2019. Gun reviewers around the internet speculated for weeks on what we see from Glock and Recoil even releasing renderings of what they thought the pistols might look like. CrossBreed® was fortunate to have the pistols the entire time, patiently watching (and sometimes laughing) at the pre-release reviews being scattered across the interwebs, while we completed our holster designs.

Glock officially released the pistols on January 2nd and were promptly met with mixed reviews, to say the least. "Most" Glock fans seemed pleasantly surprised that Glock was continuing to roll out more single stack sized pistols for concealed carriers. Like most things on the internet, people who do not like Glocks were "less than impressed" with many asking why the pistols were larger than a Sig P365 yet have a lower magazine capacity and some even saying that the Glock 48 was simply a Kahr knock-off.

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The biggest question surrounding the Glock 48 was "Why would I get a G48 when I can just get a G19?" and that got us to thinking, is the smaller size worth the lower mag capacity?
So we reached out to our friend and Certified Glock Armorer Kyle at "The Armorers Fix" and put together a quick comparison.


Here is a quick rundown of some of the most obvious changes.

Overall Width:

One of the most obvious differences between the two is the overall width. The Glock 19 has an overall width of 1.34" while the Glock 48 has a slim overall width of only 1.10". On paper the width difference looks very minimal but when holding the Glock 48 and 19 the difference is very substantial. Most of this difference is due to the Glock 48 being a slim double stack whereas the Glock 19 is a true double stack.



Another big difference is the weight, it's pretty simple actually - smaller guns weigh less, who would've known... The Glock 19 Gen 5 comes in at a healthy fighting weight of 23.99 oz unloaded, and 31.04 oz loaded, vs. the featherweight division champ Glock 48 that comes in at 20.74 oz unloaded and 25.12 oz loaded.


A standard Glock 19 magazine features a double stack 15 round magazine, where the standard Glock 48 magazine is a "slim double stack" making it considerably slimmer... but it only holds 10 rounds. This is another point of consideration when carrying concealed, do you carry a smaller handgun that is lighter or do you go for more rounds when your life in on the line.


Much like in our Glock 43x vs. Glock 43 review (Click Here To Watch), the new Glock 48 features an nPVD coated slide and the Glock 19 has the standard Glock Gen 5 nDLC coating. The slide is also 1.00" on the Glock 19 vs. a slim .87" on the Glock 48.

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