Clean Your Guns – Avoid Malfunctions

How often do you clean your handgun? Have you ever cleaned your hunting rifle? What happens when you shoot your gun too much without regularly cleaning it? Why is cleaning your guns so important?

In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about cleaning your firearms and why keeping them clean is necessary.

Cleaning Frequency

Opinions vary widely in the gun world, but I have found a good rule of thumb is to clean a gun after you’ve shot 500-1,000 rounds through it. If you don’t shoot a gun regularly and it stays in a gun safe, I recommend cleaning it once every other year. This guarantees no dust or debris collects on it, and the mechanisms stay lubricated. 

You may have to clean your gun more frequently if you use ammunition that’s known to leave more residue behind. Do a quick internet search to see if the ammo you typically shoot is known to be “dirty.”

If you compete in any shooting sports, it is good practice to clean your gun(s) before every competition. This reduces the chance of having a malfunction while on the clock. While competing, both you and your gear should be performing at the highest level possible. Why risk a malfunction due to dirty equipment?

Typical Dirty Gun Malfunctions

Failure to Feed

A failure to feed happens when the firearm fails to insert the next round of ammunition into the chamber. One of the causes of this is when the feed ramp on the barrel is dirty and has built up carbon on it.

Failure to Extract

A failure to extract happens when the casing of the fired round is not removed from the chamber. One of the causes of this is a dirty chamber.

Failure to Eject

A failure to eject happens when the casing of the fired round is extracted from the chamber but doesn’t properly eject from the gun. The dirty mechanical components of a gun can cause this.

How to Clean Your Guns

First, you’ll want to consult the gun’s user manual to learn how to disassemble the gun. After disassembling the gun, spray all the components with a cleaning solvent and whip them down with a paper towel. I also like to use a bore snake or battle rope to clean the inside of the barrel. After all the parts are cleaned, add a small amount of gun oil to each part. Add a little extra oil to any high-friction areas like where the slide rides on the frame of a handgun.

Watch my YouTube Video on how I clean my Smith & Wesson M&P.

Recommended Cleaning Products

Breakthrough Clean Technologies has some of the best cleaning products. I regularly use their Military-Grade Solvent and Battle Born High-Purity Oil. I prefer to use these products over others because they are non-toxic and odorless.


Be sure you clean you’re guns frequently to prevent malfunctions. If you need to use your gun, the last thing you want to happen is a malfunction that could have been avoided had you regularly cleaned and maintained that firearm. Cleaning firearms is a relatively easy and relaxing process. Make cleaning your firearms part of your weekly routine and enjoy the time spent maintaining your guns.




Meaghan Roble is an anti-gunner turned gun activist. She is a USCCA-certified instructor and an NRA-certified range safety officer. Meaghan is also an A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitator. She owns her own Firearms Training and education business, Roble Defense, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

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