Jeff Kyle

Review Of CrossBreed® Holsters

IWB MiniTuck & Executive Gun Belt

Jeff Kyle



MiniTuck IWB Holster:

I will start by saying that I carry on a daily basis and generally prefer an IWB style holster. Normally I carry a Kydex style holster and wear it appendix. This holster is not designed to carry appendix so it took a bit to get use to. I am also not accustomed to having more realistate on my holster except for the kydex itself. The leather on the MiniTuck is top quality and very comfortable and doesn’t take anytime at all to form to whatever position you carry. There is just enough leather to keep your weapon off of your body and sweat away from your weapon without adding bulk. I did like the angle of the holster and the ease of draw that it allowed. The belt clips are very sturdy and grabbed my belt with zero play in them. I recommend this holster to anyone looking for an IWB holster that wont break the bank and is very comfortable to wear.  The holster design is great for any type of dress and allows you to tuck your shirt tail in to hide the weapon.


Executive Gun Belt:

It is very hard to find a belt that is sturdy enough to hold your weapon without sagging and not dig into your hips! The Executive Belt is an outstanding belt for this. The leather used is great. The belt also looks great and doesn’t scream gun belt! The buckle on my belt was the Gunmetal Matte finish. I generally have to add additional holes to my belts due to my waist size and preffered fit but I didn’t have to add any to this belt. The holes were perfect for me while using the belt with the MiniTuck IWB Holster. The structure was very stiff and I was concerned about that when I received it. After wearing the belt with and without the holster I was very impressed. The belt was very comfortable and did not dig into my body. I would highly recommend this belt to anyone looking to carry on a daily basis, and even if you just want a nice stylish belt to wear without your weapon.

   executive belt  


Semper Fi

Jeff Kyle