Overstock Camo Custom Rogue Holster

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Overstock Camo Custom Rogue Holster

The Rogue Holster completely revolutionized CrossBreed Holsters product lineup by offering the first all-Kydex holster in the company's history, but it lacked one thing our customers asked for repeatedly STYLE. The Rogue Holster undoubtedly had all the features you wanted in a holster including:

  • Detachable magazine carrier so you're always ready for the fight.
  • Adjustable retention for a smoother draw or more security.
  • Concealment claw for a more discreet carry.
  • Multiple clip options and locations for a fully customized fit.
  • Adjustable cant for the perfect draw angle.

But our customers wanted more, they wanted to truly make their holster THEIRS! So we took this under consideration, went directly to the drawing board to design a system to let our customers' style shine, and we did it! The Custom Shop Rogue Holster allows you to match your holster to your style by offering custom selections. You can now choose:

  • Custom Holster Body Prints
  • Custom Colored Hardware
  • Upgrade to the Complete System with Attachable Accomplice Magazine Carrier
  • Various Clip Upgrades

Show the world that you carry confidently with the Custom Shop Rogue Holster!

Due to the custom nature of our Custom Shop items, all Custom Shop items do not qualify for our two-week trial period found on many of our other products. Custom Shop holsters qualify for a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty; however, this does not apply to cosmetic blemishes or wear. Please note that many of the Custom Shop patterns will be limited in availability and may not be available for warranty replacement. If your Custom Shop print is not available, a current design or color will be offered.

Please Note: Due to the custom nature of the Custom Rogue please allow up to an additional one to three weeks for delivery.

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