The Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS – A Gun For All

It took a long time to get me to buy a Glock. Not due to any real serious reason, I was never a Glock hater or anything like that. I just preferred my hammer fired guns and Glocks always seemed so boring. The Honda Civic of handguns is a bit tough to be excited about. However, once the Gen 4 MOS models came to be my ears perked up. A gun that can mount multiple optics with just a quick plate swap? Sign me up. The Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS became my first Glock and I can finally join every other gun writer in giving it a review.

The Modular Optics System

The MOS or Modular optics System was a big step forward for handguns. Prior to this, you had to pay a good chunk of change to get a gun cut for a specific optic. The Glock MOS System allowed you to mount 4 different plates that could accommodate a wide variety of different optic’s footprints. From the more affordable Burris Fastfire to the Legendary Trijicon RMR.


I have two miniature optics for mm Glock, a Meopta Meosight 3 and a Burris Fastfire 3. The Fastfire 3 is the current optic on the gun and it’s going through its own test and review process. Mounting optics is very easy and just requires a few screws and a change of the mounting plate between different optics.

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Specs and Ergonomics

Length – 7.95 inches
Barrel Length – 4.49 inches
Weight – 22.05 ounces
Width – 1.26 inches
Caliber – 9mm
Capacity – 10-50 rounds with aftermarket options

The Glock does just work and the ergos aren’t bad. The magazine release and slide lock are placed in an easy to reach position. A lot of people claim the Glock’s side lock is too small, but I slingshot over slide lock when it comes to reloads. A small slide is hardly an issue in my opinion. Where the Glock falls short is the grip and those forced finger grooves.


I really hate finger grooves and I’m glad the Gen 5 got rid of them. The Gen 4’s come with interchangeable backstraps but I don’t use them. It also comes with 3 17 round magazines if you live in a free state.

On the Range with the Glock 17

The Glock 17 runs like a champ. The included sights suck though, and in fact were very off center when I purchased the gun. They were nearly hanging off the right side of the Glock. The Glock 17 is an optics ready gun and I plan to review it as an optic’s ready gun.

The Glock series is legendary for their reliability. This model is no different. It eats everything I’ve tossed at it and through it. From the cheap steel Eastern European junk ammo to high-end Defensive 124 JHP +P rounds. It eats it all, round after round after round. It’s never choked and I doubt it ever will. From the gun store to now I’ve never cleaned or lubed the gun. I just punish it.


The gun’s full-size grip makes it very controllable and the grip angle is often complained about but I’ve never found it to be uncomfortable. I will say when it comes to a nice high grip I do get some slide bite. I do have meaty hands and wear size 2XL gloves so this may be the issue but it still an issue.

Accuracy is also tough to rate because it’s so subjective to shooters. Very few guns are just inherently inaccurate and a good shot can make a Hi-Point sing. It’s accurate and with the red dot, your level of precision is increased substantially. At 50 yards I could ring a little steel popper not only consistently, but rapidly. Once you zero your dot its as easy as putting the red dot on the target and pulling the trigger.


The red dot optic makes it easy to be accurate, fast, and precise… once you get used to it. Using a red dot is a lot different than using iron sights, but ultimately it’s more effective in my opinion. Iron sights are great, and everyone should know how to use them, but the red dot rules. Once you learn how to find the dot you’ll see the difference.

The Glock trigger is certainly best described as average. It’s not bad, it’s not great, it’s functional and reliable. It has some creep and grit and is slightly uneven. The reset is brilliant, and both audible and tactile. You feel it in your finger and it’s a nice short reset without a doubt. That being said I did swap the trigger shortly after adding an optic. I went with a Suarez International trigger, with a flat faced metal trigger shoe, and a polished OEM connector. I also added the Suarez NPE firing pin to smooth out the trigger even more.

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Glock Logistics

Since we are getting into the upgrades of my Glock 17 we can talk one reason the Glock 17 is such a good gun. The Glock 17 and the Glock series, in general, is a force of nature in the gun world. From new frames to Glock upper parts kits. You can upgrade and change these guns to almost any purpose. Triggers, barrels, muzzle devices, sights, optics, magazines, and more can be added to customize the gun for your needs.


Magazines are cheap and plentiful with half a dozen different manufacturers. This gives you everything from aftermarket 17 rounders to 50 round drums. Heck, you can even turn it into a rifle. You can even buy 80% lowers and build a Glock off the books.

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The Glock 17 pistol is an outstanding design and owning and shooting one has shown why the gun has been around for 30 years. It’s reliable, easy to shoot, and adaptable for duty use, concealed carry and home defense. It’s affordably priced and you can find one in any self-respecting gunshop.


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