Open Top Pancake Holster Black

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 Open Top Pancake Holster Black

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CrossBreed Holsters is proud to introduce a new all leather holster series. Our new leather outside the waistband holster is based on the classic pancake style holster, but incorporates the quality and finishing touches you have come to expect from CrossBreed. The holsters are cut out of our specially finished leather that is also used for our belts to ensure matching finishes of all leather products brand-wide. The holsters are all hand-made, and hand fitted to a specific firearm. This series is made for the most popular, best selling firearms on the market; such as the Glock 19 and the Smith and Wesson Shield.

 The leather is black with a gloss finish. The holsters are all beveled, burnished, and joined by recessed stitching using 277 thread. These items are available for both right and left handed shooters. Our holsters are made from superior materials and quality craftsmanship that CrossBreed is known for, but are priced more reasonably than most leather holsters on the market.  
8.5" x " x 6"
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