The Crossbreed Rogue – Latest and Greatest

Travis Pike gives us his take on our new non-leather Rogue, the first CrossBreed holster with a full Kydex design.

While I write here for Crossbreed, they don’t let me in on their little secrets. I was quite surprised by the Crossbreed Rogue as you were. Crossbreed moved away from the hybrid design they’re famous for and into an all-polymer holster, aptly named the Rogue. Well, I obviously sent a flurry of emails! Well, I sent one, and the crew at Crossbreed sent one to me with haste. I ordered it for my P365, which is my current daily carry gun.

The Rogue comes as both a solitary holster and a Rogue System that implements a magazine pouch onto the holster. The system works as a ‘sidecar’ design that users carry in an appendix position. The Rogue by itself can be worn as an appendix rig or as a standard IWB holster. I’ve got the Rogue System and have been carrying it via appendix.

It comes with two metal clips and a concealment claw. You can also swap the clips with various loops, clips, and different designs. You can utilize a wedge for enhanced concealment. You can adjust the holster for height and cant and adjust the retention as you see fit. Lots and lots of options are available for you to customize this holster the way you see fit.

Training With the Rogue

Once I got my Rogue in and set up the best way I saw fit, I began doing a little training with the setup. I started with my favorite little air gun, SIG’s own P365 BB gun. I can practice with trigger pulls, projectiles, and sight movement on top of being completely safe. Plus, I can do it in my backyard without waking the neighbors!

Training with the air gun allowed me to make a few minor tweaks. Mostly, I adjusted the holster to ride a little higher than normal. I also loosened the retention a hair. I like to be able to easily draw with either hand, and the retention was a hair tight for a smooth draw with my non-dominant hand.

Once I felt set, I went live with some basic draw and fire as well as reholster practice. Once I felt safe and confident with the setup in numerous positions, I started using it to carry. Oddly enough, day one would prove to be one of the most active.

Day 1 Wear

On day 1 of carrying the gun, I had the joy of going on a road trip with my always lovely wife. We were traveling to a not too distant metropolis to meet friends for dinner and see the sights. The drive itself was roughly three and a half hours long. Driving and appendix carry can often prove tricky and sometimes very uncomfortable.

With the P365 strapped into the Rogue, I carried a spare 15 round magazine, giving me a total of 30 rounds of 9mm on my body. The only change I made to my clothes was offsetting my belt buckle far to the left and out of the way of my holster and gun. In the car, I drove and never felt uncomfortable.

I won’t lie and said I forgot the holster as I drove. I definitely knew it was there but never felt poked, prodded, or uncomfortable. After the 3.5 hour drive, we dumped ourselves into the street and had a great time checking out a local outdoor market.

We walked in the December heat. Seriously it was 86 degrees, and I regretted choosing jeans. Yet I persevered and did so for the next 9 hours. We met with friends, we looked at Christmas lights, listened to music in the square, watched a parade, got ice cream, and beat feet for 12,000 steps, according to my Fitbit.

I never got that feeling of pain and poking. When I finally got to our hotel room and removed the holster, I never felt that feeling of “Ah, thank the lord” of relief. The Rogue proved to be extremely comfy.

Does The Holster….

When I Choose a holster, I have to ask a number of questions. So I ask myself, and by extension, I ask the holster a few different questions. First, it’s all about safety and does the holster….

Protect the Trigger? For me to choose a holster, I have to ensure the holster is fully encased by the holster. If not, I toss the holster. It’s not safe. Luckily, the Rogue fully encases the trigger.

Fit the Gun? Next, I do not want a ton of excess movement in my holsters. It should only move up and down in and out of the holster—no left to right, side to side, etc. The Rogue passes the test and secures the holster as it should.

Allow For an Easy Draw? Yep, it sure does. I can reach in, pluck the gun from the holster with ease. It sits tight to the body for concealment but not so tight that I can’t achieve a good firing grip.

Make Reholstering Safe and Easy? As an all-polymer holster, the Rogue makes reupholstering easy and safe. I don’t need a crazy fast Youtube-approved reholster, but I want to be able to tuck the gun back into the holster without having to undo my belt, adjust the holster, or any other nonsense. With the Rogue, it plucks out and pops in.

Going Rogue

The Rogue from Crossbreed has been my go-to for a little over a week now. It comes on in the morning and rarely leaves my side. It’s very comfortable, easy to use, and adjustable for a wide variety of uses. What say you? Will you go Rogue?


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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms-based hobbies.


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