[WATCH] The Armorer’s Fix Unholsters the New Taurus G3 Pistol

On Friday, Taurus launched the G3; a pistol designed with attributes of the G2c, geared to deliver full-frame performance.

Taurus G3
With a full-size polymer frame, the G3 is a striker-fired pistol featuring a crisp 6-pound pull weight trigger, a loaded chamber indicator, an integrated Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail, and offers several magazine capacities.

The Concept

“The new Taurus G3 is the logical, next-generation progression of our highly popular G2c compact 9mm,” said Taurus’s Director of Engineering Olivier Coulombier. “Our engineering and design teams were tasked with delivering on all the desirable and proven features that have made the G2c one of the leading striker-fired pistols for concealed carry practitioners to craft an all-new full-sized handgun with its own personality and performance benchmarks. This fresh iteration of the G-series handgun does just that—all while raising consumer expectations with regards to performance and price point in the polymer-frame defensive pistol segment.”

The Break Down

We brought in Kyle Braschler from The Armorer’s Fix to take the new G3 through the paces at the CrossBreed gun range.


Gauging Reaction

After watching Braschler handle the Taurus G3, are you itching to get your hands on one?

Taurus lists the MSRP for a black pistol at $345.23 and $360.70 for a black w/stainless steel pistol. The G3 is slated to begin shipping at the beginning of Q3.

What do you think? Will the G3 be the next pistol added to your Firearms Wish List?


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Jenn Jacques is a fierce defender of the Second Amendment, concealed carry advocate, fishing enthusiast, hiker, hunter, and an all-around great gal with a gun. As a former Private Detective, Jenn put those skills to good use, fighting for gun rights in her home state of Wisconsin before working as the Editor of a 2A News site, publication writer, and freelance blogger.

Jacques has hundreds of hours of firearms training under her belt including Street Encounters and Low Light/No Light Training, is a graduate of the Gunsite Academy, and was named a S.A.F.E. Summer Local Champion of Firearm Safety by the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project ChildSafe.

She has been a staple in the firearms industry since 2009 and is proud to be raising her three children with her husband John who is also an avid hunter, 2A supporter, and amazing father.

You can find her on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or shooting at any number of gun ranges across this great country.

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