Since launching the Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 in 2013 and releasing the upgraded G2c in 2018, Taurus engineers set out to develop the next generation handgun in their "G" series. Aiming to design a pistol with the attributes of the G2c geared to deliver full-frame performance.

Enter the Taurus G3.

From Taurus:

The G3 starts with a full-size polymer frame that incorporates several features intended to enhance comfort and utility.

The G3's ergonomics do not stop at the polymer frame. Smooth contouring along the slide blends with a slightly tapered slide profile to minimize bulk and to deliver comfortable operation when actuating the slide. For smooth holstering and to minimize clothing snags, the G3 has uniform beveling along the front of the slide and frame, and a steep contoured bevel along the back of the slide.

Another highlight of the G3 that both novice and experienced shooters will appreciate is the trigger. With a pleasing 6-pound pull weight, the G3 trigger exhibits a smooth take-up with a remarkably crisp break that contributes to the pistol's inherent accuracy.

Feeding the G3 are several magazine capacities. Customers can select models with two 10-round magazines, two 15-round magazines, or a combination 15- and extended 17-round magazine. The 17-round magazine features a fitted polymer sleeve over the extended tube, allowing an optimum four-finger engagement when drawing from a holster.

Striker-fired and Safety-Minded:

As a striker-fired pistol, the G3 utilizes a single-action firing system once a cartridge is chambered. What sets the G3 apart from competing models is its second-strike capability. In the event of a failure-to-fire condition, the shooter can reset and pull the trigger again to restrike the primer.

For safety, the G3 utilizes several systems including a loaded chamber indicator. When a round is chambered, the chamber indicator is pushed slightly above the slide, providing the shooter with a visual and tactile verification if a cartridge is loaded in the chamber.

Since personal defense is the cornerstone philosophy behind all the G3's design features, the polymer frame includes an integrated Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail up front. It is sized to accommodate most pistol-sized tactical lights, laser sights, or light/laser combinations.

We've Got You Covered!

Our product development team has been working with the G3 to create several options of our legendary hybrid holsters ready for the release of Taurus' latest pistol.

The following holsters are available NOW for the G3:

  • SuperTuck
  • Freedom Carry
  • SnapSlide
  • SuperSlide
  • DropSlide
  • Gideon Mag Carrier
  • IWB Mag Carrier
  • OWB Mag Carrier
  • Accomplice Mag Carrier
  • Accomplice QLS Mag Carrier
  • Purse Defender
  • Purse Defender Mag Carrier
  • Ohai
  • Ohai Mag Carrier
  • Belly Band
  • Belly Band Mag Carrier
  • Bedside Backup
  • Pac Mat
  • Pac Mat Mag Carrier
  • Open Top Pancake Holster
The new Taurus G3 in a CrossBreed SuperTuck

Perfect for Concealed Carry

Looking for a new handgun to carry inside the waistband? According to Taurus’s Director of Engineering Olivier Coulombier, the G3 was designed to fit the bill: 

"The new Taurus G3 is the logical, next-generation progression of our highly popular G2c compact 9mm," says Coulombier. "Our engineering and design teams were tasked with delivering on all the desirable and proven features that have made the G2c one of the leading striker-fired pistols for concealed carry practitioners to craft an all-new full-sized handgun with its own personality and performance benchmarks. This fresh iteration of the G-series handgun does just that—all while raising consumer expectations with regards to performance and price point in the polymer-frame defensive pistol segment."

Taurus G3 Specifications

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 10, 15, or 17 (with extended magazine)
Finish: Matte Black / Matte Stainless
Grip/Frame: Polymer
Firing System: Single Action with Restrike Capability
Action Type: Striker
Safety: Manual and Trigger Safety, Striker Block
Sights Front: Fixed (White Dot)
Sights Rear: Drift Adjustable (White Dots)
Slide Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Matte Black / Matte Stainless
Overall Length: 7.30"
Overall Width: 1.25"
Overall Height: 5.20"
Barrel Length: 4.00"
Weight: 25 oz. (unloaded)
Magazines Included: 2x10, 2x15, or 1x15 and 1x17
Packaging Size: 12.5" x 6" x 1.75"
Packaging Weight: 2.75 lbs.
Additional Feature: Picatinny Rail (Mil-STD 1913)

Taurus lists the MSRP for a black pistol at $345.23 and $360.70 for a black w/stainless steel pistol. The G3 is slated to begin shipping at the beginning of Q3.

What do you think? Will the G3 be the next pistol added to your Firearms Wish List?


Whether you're shopping for a holster for a Taurus G3 or looking for a Belly Band for your existing handgun, finding the perfect fit is easy! Simply start with the Shop All Firearms feature at the top right-hand side of our website and enter your firearm's make, model, add any lights or lasers, and you can see all available options.

About the Author:

Jenn Jacques is a fierce defender of the Second Amendment, concealed carry advocate, hunter safety instructor, and an all-around great gal with a gun.

As a former Private Detective, Jenn put those skills to good use, fighting for gun rights in her home state of Wisconsin before working as the Editor of a 2A News site, publication writer, and freelance blogger. Jacques has hundreds of hours of firearms training under her belt including Street Encounters and Low Light/No Light Training, is a graduate of the Gunsite Academy, and was named a S.A.F.E. Summer Local Champion of Firearm Safety by the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Project ChildSafe.

She has been a staple in the firearms industry since 2009 and is proud to be raising her three children with her husband John who is also an avid hunter, 2A supporter, and amazing father.

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