[WATCH] Five Great Reviews of the NEW Mossberg MC2c Pistol

Mossberg introduced their new semi-automatic MC2c pistol ahead of SHOT Show this year and it quickly piqued the industry’s interest.

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When they came out swinging with a snappy little single-stack subcompact in 2019, we were all surprisingly impressed. And looking to land another punch in 2020, Mossberg followed up with the MC2c, a compact-size, slim profile, double-stack handgun.

As more people got the opportunity to throw lead downrange through them, the reviews kept rolling in. What was their response?

Kick back and watch these Five In-Depth gun reviews of the new MC2c:


SHOT Show 2020 | A Look at the Mossberg MC2c Handgun

After the phenomenal success of the MC1sc,™ Mossberg is again using its design and engineering prowess to build a feature-rich, compact handgun… the MC2c. Sporting double-stack magazines and a host of ergonomic and performance features, the MC2c™ is an excellent choice for concealed carry or home protection.


NEW Mossberg MC2c Ultra-slim 13+1 Doublestack 9mm!

Something that is often lost on people, is the fact that the first firearm Mossberg ever made was actually a pistol. And after their well-received MC1 subcompact pistol, they are back at it with the MC2c. The MC2c is a compact double-stack 9mm pistol. Streamlined for concealed carry with a thin profile of just 1.1″ and at the same time, bringing either 13+1 or 15+1 rounds to the table, with a flush fit and extended magazines respectively. With an MSRP of $490, you’ll likely see them available for around $420. Mossberg is bringing a lot of value to the pistol market with their new MC2 Compact.

Gun Stock Reviews

Introduction to the Brand New Mossberg MC-2c

In this episode, we introduce the new Mossberg MC-2c Pistol, a brand new Compact Striker-Fired 9mm Pistol from Mossberg with a 13 and 15 round capacity!!

Personal Defense World

Mossberg MC2c: Mossberg Goes Compact With Its Second 9mm Pistol

A big brother to last year’s popular MC1sc, Mossberg boldly reaffirms its commitment to defensive handgun carriers with the MC2c compact pistol.

Hank Strange

New MC2 Mossberg SHOT Show 2020

Hank runs through the new Mossberg MC2c from Vegas at the 2020 SHOT Show.

What do you think?

Are you eager to throw a few rounds of ammo through this new gun at the range?

Let us know in the comments below, we’re already working on holsters for the MC2c pistol and will keep you posted when they are available!

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