Federal .30 Super Carry

Federal .30 Super Carry, Is It Still Relevant?

Federal .30 Super Carry

Is the caliber a good carry idea?

Federal .30 Super Carry wasn’t released at the best time in the firearms world, but how could Federal have foreseen what would be happening in the world at the time of release? If you don’t know, new firearms, accessories, ammunition, etc., aren’t innovated overnight. There are years of work that go into developing these new products, and these companies have no idea what to expect come release day.

I had the pleasure at SHOT Show 2022 to try the new cartridge for myself with a custom NightHawk 1911, and finally, I have my own that I’ve been practicing with and starting to carry concealed. This new cartridge has pros and cons, and I will break down my perspective and experience with what those are in this blog.

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Pros of Federal .30 Super Carry

Recoil Friendly

Being able to manage the recoil of a firearm is essential to be able to hang onto the gun when firing and can usually determine if you’ll enjoy shooting a gun or not. What cartridges come to your mind when you think about the most common caliber for concealed carry pistols? I think of 9mm, 380 auto, and 45 ACP. All of these cartridges are great, but 45 ACP is a high recoiling round, and 380 auto can feel very snappy in small compact pistols, so I’m usually left with the default option of 9mm. The new Federal .30 Super Carry cartridge has less felt recoil than 9mm, making it easy to shoot a full-sized 1911.

Don’t believe me? Check out the muzzle flip, or lack thereof, in this photo of me shooting Federal .30 Super Carry through a NightHawk pistol.

Federal .30 Super Carry muzzle flip

Quality Gun Manufacturers

Currently, the two gun manufacturers making guns for Federal .30 Super Carry are NightHawk and Smith & Wesson. You’ve probably heard of the latter, but the former is one of the best custom gun manufacturers in the country. NightHawk was founded in 2004 and currently makes over 40 unique and custom versions of the 1911, including versions built on a double stack, high-capacity frame. Both of these manufacturers have great customer service and warranties should you have any issues (doubtful) with your firearm.

Great Penetration and Expansion

Federal has provided penetration and expansion data on its website and energy and velocity information. This is a quick comparison of where the Federal .30 Super Carry cartridge stands between 9mm and 380 auto. This cartridge was designed for concealed carry and is proven with data that it can do damage when used.

Cons of Federal .30 Super Carry

Cost of Ammunition

Compared to the most common caliber, 9mm, Federal .30 Super Carry clocks a little higher price to 9mm. This increase in cost may not matter much to the average gun owner who shoots maybe 50-200 rounds a year, but people who train often and regularly with their concealed carry gun might find the price too high. I don’t know a firearm until I shoot the first 1,000 rounds through it, and I continue to train throughout the year with all the guns I use for concealed carry.

Federal .30 Super Carry

Limited Gun Manufacturers

As mentioned earlier, the only available pistols chambered in Federal .30 Super Carry are from NightHawk and Smith & Wesson. Only time will tell if other manufacturers jump on board with making a compatible firearm.

Ammo Availability

Ammo availability and cost are two totally different things. There are who knows how many ammo manufacturers of 9mm, but there’s only one of .30 Super Carry, and that’s Federal (and its other brands). The .30 Super Carry cartridge’s availability will depend on Federal’s production, whereas you can always find someone making 9mm rounds. This availability can be concerning if it is your primary self-defense gun and one that you plan to train with often.

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of the Federal .30 Super Carry cartridge. I am blown away by the lack of felt recoil, making the NightHawk a fun and comfortable gun to shoot. I have yet to have any malfunctions, both with full metal jackets and hollow point ammunition. I recommend giving this cartridge a second look and considering it for daily carry.


Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional competitive shooter and an active blogger for many firearm websites. As an NRA-certified instructor and National Range Officer Institute Chief Range Officer, Kenzie trains new shooters on basic firearm safety, brings new shooters to competitive shooting and works major matches across the country. She has a passion for teaching people how to carry concealed and is a positive ambassador for the Second Amendment. Kenzie is also the host of the Reticle Up Podcast, where she interviews competitive shooters, hunters, anglers, archers, entrepreneurs, and outdoorsmen.





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6 thoughts on “Federal .30 Super Carry, Is It Still Relevant?”

  1. I am a newbie gun owner, and I moved up to S&W Super Carry as soon as it came out. The difference between my .380 and SC was astounding. I love the way it fires and the stopping power it brings.

  2. When there is a BERSA 380/PPK size pistol in the .30 Super Carry, (Locked Breech, not Blow Back), the true cartridge/pistol combo match would be created. Why buy a 9mm size pistol, in .30 Super Carry? If one has to go to a 9mm size pistol to get a .30 Super Carry, it makes more sense to just stay with the 9mm and buy more magazines. (Should have at least (3) magazines for any pistol.) A TAURUS TP738 (.380) size pistol would be my personal choice for a new .30 Super Carry pistol. Just make sure to fix the crappy trigger!

    1. You and I are the only ones who get it.

      Give me a full size frame in .30 super carry with a 30 round capacity and/or give me a pistol in .30 super carry that’s no larger than the Ruger LCP.

      The whole point of this ammo is it’s slim profile.

  3. The 30 sc is good in theory but as you stated ammo availability and cost will probably make or break the cartridge. Also the operating pressure of this cartridge 52000 psi is well above even a 9mm +p at 38500 psi according to SAAMI. I’m not a baltistan but that kind of pressure concerns me since I’ve seen a few 40sw which run at high pressures detonate. The whole recoil issue that you talk about is a bait and switch, most rounds that are shot out of a 43oz +- guns will probably be a pussy cat. Now put that round in a 19 oz plastic frame gun that it will be carried in 99% of the time and evaluate how that feels. Just my two cents.

  4. Remington, CCI and Hornady all Make .30 super carry ammo.
    This is a great round and gives you more capacity. It is also an effective fight stopper. Federal did their research into this one and if people would stop being biased and adverse to change they would see that this is a major step forward in firearms technology. It is definitely a caliber to consider.

  5. Love this new round! High velocity out of a CC pistol is something that should be better appreciated. Plus the fact that “everyone” is using 9 mm means if there is a run on ammo as there was a few years ago 30 sc will still be available.

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