Enhance Your Skills With A Modern Carbine (AR-15) Through Training With Josh Froelich At F5 Range

Knowing how to run your AR is a life-saving skill. It’s more than knowing how to load it and pull the trigger.

To excel and improve your skills with firearms, training with said firearms should be ongoing and incorporated into your everyday life. Every time you head to the range, you should set some expectations and goals to get the most out of your time there. Sometimes going to the range by yourself isn’t the most effective way to excel and improve your skills. Sometimes receiving training from an outside source is the best way to reach the next level in your firearms proficiency. This is where I was in my training with my AR-15. I had the pleasure of attending Josh Froelich’s Modern Carbine Class at his private range, F5, earlier this year.

If you’re in the same situation as I was with your training, and you’re looking to improve your close to midrange accuracy with an AR platform rifle, consider attending the Modern Carbine class at F5 Range. Both Josh Froelich and his assistant instructor, Tucker Schmidt did a great job providing training tactics that I was able to take home with me and incorporate into my range time. The tools I learned in the Modern Carbine class helped me to set new goals and expectations, and I have already seen a huge improvement.

About Josh

Josh is a National and World champion competition shooter. He owns and operates Froelich Firearms, F5 Range, and F5 Production which all support his mission – “To Share the Shooting Sports with the World.” Josh is an avid second amendment supporter, a hunter, and a family man. He enjoys all things firearms related. – Biography provided by Josh Froelich.

About Tucker

Tucker has been in the competitive scene for about 8 years and has been shooting firearms much longer than that. He primarily competes in PRS, USPSA, and 3gun styles of action shooting. He’s been fortunate to travel all over the country and work with several industry partners throughout his journey. He’s been working with Vortex Optics over the last few years and landed with the Customer Engagement/ Dealer Training Team. It ended up being the perfect fit for him. He still shoots quite a few matches and gets to run or assist in various firearm training programs. ­– Biography provided by Tucker Schmidt

F5 Range History

Josh built a shooting bay to practice in and quickly realized that this was an opportunity to share the shooting sports with others in a safe, private, and high-end setting. Josh added long-range and more shooting bays, a range clubhouse (Chop Shop), and now a lodging facility to provide a unique experience. F5 will offer an “all-inclusive” package in 2023 that includes an airport shuttle from the Minneapolis Airport, lodging, food, ammunition, training, and instruction to make a trip to F5, from anywhere in the world, an easy process. “F5 will take care of all the details, you just get to Minnesota, and we’ll take care of the rest.” – History provided by Josh Froelich

The Experience

This was the 1st class I’ve attended that wasn’t concealed carry training. I went to the class with an open mind, hoping to learn at least one new thing with my rifle. I was pleasantly surprised to learn way more than just one thing.

The students were split into two groups. My group started with Tucker on long-range work. We worked in the Strelok App – a ballistic trajectory calculator. We then went over developing a sturdy shooting platform. Tucker did a great job explaining why a solid platform is imperative for long-range shooting. Lastly, we worked on transitioning from various shooting positions and engaging various targets from varying distances.

After the long-range portion of the training, we went into short-range bay work with Josh. We focused on footwork, maneuvering in tight spaces, and shooting from awkward positions. Josh focused on showing us how to move from one shooting position to another as fast as possible while still maintaining accuracy. We also got to experience maneuvering out of a vehicle safely. This short-range bay shooting was quick, fun, and challenging. Josh is known for quick footwork, and it was great to watch him break down his movements and actions.

The Outcome

My long-range shooting has improved immensely. I have seen enhancements in both accuracy and speed. Prior to taking this class, I didn’t realize how important a sturdy shooting platform was. At competitions, I now spend a few minutes focusing on a good shooting position when long-range precision is required.

I also now find myself looking for ways to minimize movements in the short-range bays. Even though this class was designed for the AR platform rifle, I find myself using the same techniques with my other firearms.

Josh’s expertise exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend training with him if you ever get a chance. I had a great experience at the F5 Range, and I hope to make it back there sometime in 2023.  I look forward to seeing the F5 Range expand and offer an even more extensive variety of courses in the future.

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Meaghan Roble is an anti-gunner turned gun activist. She is a USCCA certified instructor and an NRA-certified range safety officer. Meaghan is an A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitator and the Wisconsin State Director for DC Project. She owns her own Firearms Training & Education business, Roble Defense, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.








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