Beretta APX A1 – Designed for Duty and Competition

The Beretta APX A1 is a full-size, optic-ready, 9mm polymer frame handgun that should be on everyone’s radar for future investment. Beretta boasts that the APX A1 is “the ultimate convergence of Form, Function, and Fortitude,” and I agree.


  • Model Name: APX A1 Full Size
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Action: Striker-fired
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel length: 4.25”
  • Weight: 29 oz
  • Magazine Capacity: 17, 15, or 10
  • MSRP: $499.00

The Pros

Optic-Ready Slide

With the rise in popularity, optic-ready handguns are becoming the norm. Beretta did a great job listening to customers and made the APX A1 optic-ready. The handgun does come with the traditional iron sights as well. This allows the user to decide whether to aim with iron sights or a red dot. With these options, you can customize the handgun to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a handgun for competition or a home defense handgun, the APX A1 is a great contender.

Ergonomic Grip

A proper grip on a handgun is one of the components of accuracy. This handgun comes with different grip panels which allow you to customize it to maximize contact. You’ll be able to better control the handgun recoil when its grip is fit to your hands.

Smooth Trigger

The APX A1 comes with a trigger designed for duty and competition. It has a smooth pull and short reset. This improved trigger allows you to make a quicker transition from target to target. It also helps you maintain control of the firearm during the firing cycle. 

The Cons

Optic Mounting Plates are Sold Separately

It is great to see more handguns being designed for optic readiness, but the Beretta APX A1 optic mounting plates are sold separately. You will most likely have to purchase the appropriate mounting plate directly from Beretta. 

Difficult to Disassemble

Disassembling this handgun for maintenance isn’t the easiest; especially for someone with less hand and finger strength. The takedown concept of the APX A1 seems effortless, but I struggled a bit to push the takedown button while simultaneously flipping the takedown lever down. I’m sure it will get easier with practice, but I initially had a hard time removing the slide from the grip.

Difficult to Change Grips 

It’s great that this handgun comes with interchangeable grips. As I previously stated, this allows you to customize the gun to maximize hand contact. Changing out the grip is somewhat cumbersome, though. 

To remove the grip, you first have to disassemble the handgun. After the slide is removed from inside the magazine well of the frame, you’ll take a small punch and press the internal backstrap retainer to the right and then down. Remove the retainer from the frame and slide the backstrap out. Replace the backstrap with the one desired, put the retainer back in (curved part points outward), then push the retainer upwards into the frame until it’s locked back in place.


Beretta did a great job listening to their customers regarding desired improvements to the original APX handgun. The APX A1 is definitely a worthwhile investment. For the price, you’re getting a top-quality polymer frame striker-fire handgun.




Meaghan Roble is an anti-gunner turned gun activist. She is a USCCA-certified instructor and an NRA-certified range safety officer. Meaghan is an A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitator and the Wisconsin State Director for DC Project. She owns her own Firearms Training & Education business, Roble Defense, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.






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14 thoughts on “Beretta APX A1 – Designed for Duty and Competition”

  1. Love my APX A1 with a Holosun solar red dot, except for the dismantling to clean part. That’s definitely a struggle, but it didn’t deter getting another one, with a slightly different red dot. The trigger is smooth, handgrip is comfortable, and recoil very manageable. It’s new to the market, so I had to get my OWB from Beretta (a little more $$), but very functional/secure fit.

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Meaghan. I appreciate your thoughts. The Beretta APX A1 handgun is actually designed to be versatile & capable of serving in both duty & competition roles.

  3. Disassembly is hard when the APX is new. Once you use it for a while and get the parts broken in, then it becomes easy.

  4. Great article about a great pistol, very good stuff! But it makes me curious: Is Crossbreed working on some holsters for this pistol? It feels like the awareness is out there and for Crossbreed to publish this review while not carrying any holsters made for the APX A1 Full Size, something is lacking in their catalog. No hate, I’m a fan, I just want to see the APX A1 get some more aftermarket support.

    1. Meaghan Roble

      Thank you for your comment. I have asked if holsters for the APX A1 Full Size are in the works at CrossBrred HQ. Like you, I hope they are!

  5. Gary Catherman

    Are there any IWB holsters for the Beretta APX A1 Full Size with Red Dot coming out anytime soon?Ga

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