The Best Selling Handguns of 2023

The gun auction company Gunbroker releases data every year on the best-selling firearms on the market. With the craziness of SHOT Show 2023, I completely missed the release of the Gunbroker’s 2023 data. While Gunbroker doesn’t encompass the entirety of gun sales, it’s a pretty good indicator of firearm sales. Gunbroker allows any gun store or company to have access to an online market that might not be available to them any other way, when they provide data on the best-selling handguns of 2023, it is a pretty good indication of what’s selling.

The Best Selling Pistols Of 2023 

Let’s dive into the world of the best-selling handguns of 2023 and see if the results are surprising, interesting, or out of this world. They released the top 10, and we’ll break down the top five and mention the final five at the end of the article.

SIG P365 

Is there any surprise that the P365 takes the top of the list? It was the first in this new genre of micro compacts to pack ten rounds of 9mm into a gun that should hold six at max. The P365 series premiered in 2018 and was a massive success for SIG. It’s since evolved into several different platforms in several different sizes. The P365 family of handguns includes guns like the P365XL and MACRO that check the box on compact firearms and standard models, which replace the single stack 9mm.

Along the way, they introduced numerous optics-ready options, various frame configurations, and beyond. The P365 has dominated the market and continues to be a popular option for a reason. It’s well-proven, easy to shoot, and comes with great sights, a good trigger, and the FCU system that makes customization easy. The P365 was the first and continues to be the best of the Micro Compact series. As a guy who carries the P365 most of the time, I can completely understand why the P365 succeeds. 

SIG P320 

SIG must be celebrating taking the top 2 spots on the best-selling handguns of 2023. The P320 is a duty-sized pistol that occupies various size configurations. This includes the full and compact sizes as well as the Carry models. Calibers range from 9mm up to 10mm. SIG used the FCU system with the P320 to take customization to the next level, with a ton of different grip modules being available from both SIG and the aftermarket.

The US Military has chosen the P320 as their next service pistol, and so have numerous police forces. The P320 series has continued to evolve and grow, and it’s a big surprise that they’ve been a runaway success. I’m also a P320 owner, and it’s my go-to competition handgun and one of my favorite options for home defense and self-defense. I can’t exactly be surprised that the P320 makes the best selling handguns list of 2023. 

Glock 19 

The Glock 19 is the closest Glock gets to a flagship pistol. The Glock 19 series are compact 9mm handguns available in a few different configurations. This includes an optics-ready model, as well as every generation of Glock so far. The Glock 19 is easily the most popular of the Glock designs and continues to be the number one option for Glock. This 9mm handgun holds 15 rounds, and users have tons of different holster options available. 

The Glock 19 represents the ‘compact’ platform quite well. These guns are the best option for someone who needs a gun for everything. This includes concealed carry, home defense, and even competition. The Glock 19 series is one of the most proven pistols in the world, including adoption by SOCOM for their Special Operations forces. It’s not a big surprise that the Glock 19 makes the list of best-selling handguns of 2023. 

Glock 43 

Another top-five spot goes to the Glock series of handguns. The Glock 43 was Glock’s long-awaited entry into the single-stack 9mm market. The Glock 43 is well known for being almost pocket-sized with a very small overall design. The super small design incorporates a single stack magazine with six rounds and one more in the chamber. The Glock 43 doesn’t reach the same levels of capacity as the SIG P365, but there is something to be said for proven simplicity. 

When it comes to overall reliability, the Glock series is second to none. They have proven themselves over and over again to be very capable weapons in the worst conditions imaginable. The Glock 43 series is no different. This ultra-small and ultra-rugged weapon is one of the best on the market, and its reputation has helped keep sales high and earned the Glock 43 a spot of the best-selling handguns of 2023. 

CZ 75 

The CZ 75 is the surprise on this list. Gun nerds like me love the CZ 75 series and always have. The CZ 75 series is often touted as an underrated design, but making the top five spot means it’s not overlooked anymore. The design is one of the early Wonder Nine handguns, and the all-metal design is a testament to the Czech knowledge of ergonomics and how a handgun fits the hand. 

The CZ 75 series offers you plenty of ammo in the double-stack magazine and is one of the easiest-to-control guns out there. The weapon is heavy and lacks an optics cut and rail, but it is still a favorite of a multitude of shooters. The long recoil, low muzzle rise, and accuracy make the CZ 75 a fantastic firearm. I’m not only surprised but pleasantly pleased to see the CZ 75 series take a top-five spot on the best-selling handguns of 2023. 

The Other Best Sellers 

These aren’t the only guns on the list. These are the top five, but there is a top ten. Who made the cut? Well, you don’t have to wonder for long. We’ll keep it short and sweet and give you the bottom five picks of the top-selling handguns of 2023. 

  1. Colt Python
  2. Ruger Mark IV
  3. Smith & Wesson M&P9
  4. Ruger Blackhawk
  5. Beretta 90 Series

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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. Travis has trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and pursues a variety of firearms-based hobbies.


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