New Founder’s Series Launched

CrossBreed® Holsters is proud to celebrate twelve years of offering the most comfortable concealed carry products available. Led by our Founder, Mark Craighead, and the example he set, CrossBreed® has become synonymous with quality handmade products designed and built by people dedicated to continuing Mark’s legacy.

In honor of Mark, CrossBreed® is proud to announce the introduction of the Founder’s Series of holsters and belts. The CrossBreed® Founder’s Series has an 11oz 100% vegetable tanned leather using no dyes or lacquers. The hides then have natural oils and tallows applied under pressure giving each piece of hide a unique and distinctive appearance. The leather pieces range from a dark chocolate brown to a lighter tan with contrasting grain. The natural oils accent the grain and structure of each piece, resulting in a beautiful holster or belt that will withstand moisture, sweat, and environmental conditions. These oils also aid the leather in forming to your body when worn, resulting in a very quick break in period.



With the Founder’s Leather, the leather changes appearance when it’s worn versus not worn. As the leather bends to fit your body, the grain will change, providing a subtle, yet unique and distinct, character to your holster and belt. As a result, each holster and belt will show wear and use from the gun and the owner. Over time these marks will accent the rustic feel and look of the Founder’s Series.

The CrossBreed Legacy Logo and Mark Craighead’s Signature

The Founder’s Series Logo is going back to our roots when Mark Craighead stamped a simple cross on each holster to symbolize his faith and devotion. We have combined the original cross stamp and Mark’s signature to set apart the Founder’s Series of holsters and belts.


The Founder’s Series will be offered for the SuperTuck Deluxe®, MiniTuck®, Freedom Carry, Appendix Carry, and SnapSlide holsters. In addition, the Executive and Crossover Belts will be offered as part of the Founder’s Series.

5 thoughts on “New Founder’s Series Launched”

  1. Hi, folks!

    How does the Founder’s leather compare to the horsehide in humid environments? I’m a big guy who lives at the beach in Florida. To say I sweat whilst outdoors would win Understatement of the Year. 🙂

    Thank you.

    -Drifter (10+ year-old customer)

      1. That’s not a very thoughtful reply at all, did you even read what he wrote? maybe I’ll order my next holster from somewhere else.

  2. I agree that the reply did not specifically answer Drifter’s question, because I was looking for the same answer. I was a little put off about the reply, but I followed the link she provided. She wrote a fine explanation to the question in an article about the leather goods in the link to the blog that she provided. I have been satisfied with the horsehide holsters I have purchased from Crossbreed. It looks like I may be trying out a Founder’s edition on my next one. I have a hard time finding holsters from other manufacturers that build the holster for the specific models of weapons I purchase with the specific accessories I use to make the tool my own. Other manufacturers generally make one holster to cover several version of a particular model. Crossbreed seems to understand that the differences in the various versions of a certain model can change the holster size and retention. Crossbreed usually makes a holster for each of the different versions.

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