CrossBreed Announces **NEW** Glock 48 Holsters Now Available!!

In keeping with the recent trend of offering smaller, more compact firearms¬†focused on serving the concealed carry market, Glock has announced the addition of the Glock 48. Featuring a higher magazine capacity, longer slide and longer grip, the Glock 48 may just be the perfect fit for your EDC setup. Many have wondered if the Glock 48 is the answer for Sig Sauer’s recently released P365, but only time will tell which powerhouse will prove victorious in the battle of Concealed Carry Pistols

…or perhaps the M&P Shield will show them both up and dominate the field.

In any event, we can accommodate all these options with our holsters!

Through our relationship with Glock, CrossBreed had the opportunity to get our hands on the brand new pistol well before the launch and now have holsters available for purchase. The following holsters are available to order currently with more fits coming in the near future:


The following magazine carriers are also available for the Glock 48 for purchase now.
Please note on the Accomplice Mag Carrier to select the 9mm/.40S&W/ Sig 357 Double Stack option.


Have you tried or are interested in trying out the Glock 48? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!!



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