Did you know? Crimson Trace laser sights are factory sighted at 50'

However, these tactical tools are completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation.

Our friends at Crimson Trace have put up a YouTube video to show customers just how easy it is to adjust their lasers, demonstrating the basic steps to achieving sight alignment, sight picture, and the relationship of the laser dot to the proper sight picture.


Did you know that CrossBreed® Holsters offers more selections for guns with Crimson Trace Lasers? Here are just a few of our top sellers!

Glock 43 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard LG-443G Holsters

Glock 19 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard LG-452

S&W M&P Shield with Crimson Trace LaserGuard LG-489G

Springfield XDs with Crimson Trace LaserGuard LG-469G




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