Government Attempts Illegal Arm Buys From Private Gun Owners, What Follows: Gold

When employees of the United States Government Accountability Office tried to illegally get their hands on firearms via private sales, they were doomed for disappointment.

Apparently, responsible citizens are wont to keep bad guys from getting firearms in their hands.

Late last year, Federal investigators attempted to illegally purchase firearms online after members of Congress asked them to assess how well the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was doing preventing exactly that, according to The Daily Wire.

The investigators were able to get a couple of firearms from the dark web, but from people like you and me it wasn’t so easy.

Check out this bit of the report by the United States Government Accountability Office:

Tests performed on the Surface Web demonstrated that private sellers GAO contacted on gun forums and other classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to an individual who appeared to be prohibited from possessing a firearm. Of the 72 attempts agents made to purchase firearms on the Surface Web, 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction: 29 sellers stated they would not ship a firearm and 27 refused after the disclosure of the undercover identities’ stated prohibited status. Furthermore, in 5 of these 72 attempts, the accounts GAO set up were frozen by the websites, which prevented the agents from using the forums and attempting to make a purchase… Our covert testing involving GAO agents attempting to purchase firearms illegally on the Surface Web were unsuccessful.

In other words, 72 separate attempts to purchase firearms illegally from private sellers, sellers like you or me, were unsuccessful.

That’s amazing news for the little guy, and horrible news for those who would tell you that private gun transactions are the bane of truth, justice, and the American way.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives might try to claim credit for private citizens doing the right thing, but we know who the kudos really go to.

Stay sharp and stay vigilant, gun owners. With reports like these, the future of our rights as American citizens is very bright.

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